The Crash: What It Is, How to Deal with It & How to Learn From It

Last week, I was having an amazing work day.

My kind of perfect work day, in fact: I was checking off a ton of items off my to-list, getting a ton of work done, having wonderful conversations, and feeling great about it all.

Then it happened: the crash.

The daily crash

Do you have a daily crash? Mine naturally happens every day around 3pm. It always has. That’s my post-lunch-pre-evening-I’m-so-sleepy time.

It’s usually that time when things have gotten to you, you need a coffee, or maybe you need a nap.

During my crash time, I normally make some tea and take a break from work. I’ll usually get up and do some things around the house, do my workout, or more recently, take a moment to meditate and re-align.

But during this particular amazing work day, I ended up having back-to-back (personal) calls with friends and family around my crash time. Suddenly, I felt completely wiped out. More than that, I felt angry and frustrated for (seemingly) no reason at all.

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How I dealt with the crash

I already told you about my go-to anti-crash techniques, a list which I’ll literally go down through until I surpass the crash. I started by eating something healthy and delicious. (Sometimes we just get hangry!)

When that didn’t work, I started my workout. Even after a sweat session didn’t flip my (now) bad mood on its head, I meditated. Even though I was more clear about why I was feeling so shitty, I still felt off.

(Sidenote: This is the power of body scanning, my friends. Knowing your body well enough to know that you’re off is the key to getting yourself feeling better again.)

So after meditating and feeling (more) mentally together, I showered. (Normally a bath is better for me, but I didn’t have enough time on this particular day.)

Last, but not least, I went and had a girls’ night.

What I learned

After all this, I was feeling better, but still not great. It wasn’t until after a good night’s sleep did I feel myself again.

You know what it really came down to? I was so energetically high at the beginning of the day, that I needed balance with an energetic low. My body – or the universe – needed to balance me out.

While those low lows suck while you’re in them, it’s really important to appreciate them. They, after all, give you perspective of your high highs.

The takeaway? Balance is natural in life – including with your emotions – so it’s critical to be as aware of it as possible. Do the best you can to create balance after your crash (whether they are daily or less often) and do whatever works for you to get back in balance.

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