4 Ways to Spark Creativity

Did you know that sparking creativity in one area of your life will undoubtedly unlock it in other areas, too?

For instance, if you spend a Sunday afternoon painting, you may likely feel the creative benefits of that session in the hours – and even days – at work after that.

Creativity isn’t only great for cultivating other forms of creativity, it unlocks certain areas of your brain you may not use every day…so it can lead to other healthy brain benefits too.

Here are 4 tricks for sparking creativity.

1. Engage the right side of your brain

Since the right side of your brain is where creativity lives, it’s important to engage it. Try doing things with the left side of your body (controlled by the right side of your brain), like brushing your teeth left-handed or standing on your left leg for a minute.

Listening to music also has the ability to reach and engage the right side of your brain. If you need to enhance creativity, try listening to some music in the background that is subtle and doesn’t cause you to focus too much on the lyrics.

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2. Draw an idea map

An idea map will allow you to see your ideas in a different light. In fact, journaling in any way will help spark your creativity.

Start with one word or idea in the center of your journal or piece of paper, then start creating words and associations, drawn out from the main idea.

This unique journal prompt will help you think through things in a different light, and likely more creatively than you had before.

3. Change your perspective

If you’ve felt stale or less creative lately, then it’s time to switch things up. Switch your perspective on a given idea or family and it will help you look at a situation differently.

You can also try getting curious about something new – this change in perspective will only help spark your creativity.

4. Explain the process

Learn, do, teach. This process of becoming an expert – or learning to explain something – is a great way to boost creativity.

By developing the habit of explaining things back to yourself (or others), it will help you understand how you got to that point. Processing steps like this will spark additional forms of creativity.

How do you spark your creativity? Share in the comments below!

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