Does the Idea of an Empty To-Do List Scare You?

Why is it that we squirm every chance we have a few free moments or even hours?

It feels so natural to fill every waking moment in, checking off all the boxes of our lives.

We fill out to-do lists with tasks over and over because those free 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes between meetings, phone calls, kids, and appointments make us feel unproductive.

I feel you – an empty to-do list scares me too.

It means there’s nothing to do. And what’s scarier than that?

But nothing to do isn’t a reality; there are always things to do. Why not spend those few minutes reflecting, journaling, meditating, or taking a walk?

If you’re at a lack for what to do when you’ve finished it all (and congratulations for that, girlfriend), follow these three simple ways for making the most of that empty to-do list of yours.

3 Ways to Make More of Your Empty To-Do List

1. Do what you want to, not what you have to.

When we are so focused on all the things we have to do, we lose sight of the things we want to do.

Stop and think about it: do you put off certain activities or fun in order to deal with other things? Of course you do. You’re a go-getter and an amazing human being. You’re built for doing all the things you have to do, and sadly that means you forget about what you want to do.

When you’re left with all your “must-do’s” checked off, think back to what you want. Is it to take a walk on the beach? Or go out with your husband for a date? Take the kids on a weekend adventure, just for fun? Whatever your heart calls you to do, do it.

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2. Spend time self loving, not self distracting.

I recently had a wake up call to the difference between self love and distraction. I thought I was giving myself love by vegging out in front of the TV (no joke, this is a form of self love). But for me, it’s actually much more of a distraction, which is a horse of a different color.

Be clear with yourself about what constitutes self love and what constitutes distraction.

For me, there’s a confusion – yet distinction – when technology involves. In the short-term, it feels good to have a mindless Netflix binge. After? It feels like shit.

Instead, self love for me includes: a bubble bath, a great yoga session, an amazing conversation with a loved one or soul sister, baby or puppy snuggles, or seeing a theater or Broadway show.

3. Get ahead.

Again, empty to-do lists are not to be feared, but cherished. They provide us with an opportunity to get ahead.

Get ahead on your projects for the week or your list for next month, so that you don’t end up stressing yourself out later. Get ahead on tasks around your home.

Feel good knowing that you’re not catching up on anything…you’re getting ahead!

What do you do when you to-do list is empty?

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