Fitness Goals You’re Missing (& Why You’re Not Losing Weight)

When I hear women talk about fitness goals, they usually involve weight loss.

Working out = losing weight. That’s what we’re programmed to think, right?

Why then, are so many people struggling to accomplish the goal? Why do they give up or lose interest so quickly?

My theory? We’re way too focused on weight loss alone.

If exercise were about more to you than simply losing weight, I bet you’d have an easier time committing to it than you have in the past.

Do what’s fun.

If you enjoy running, run. If you don’t enjoy running, don’t run.

The same goes for any form of fitness – weight lifting, yoga, zumba, swimming, hiking, biking, playing sports, playing with your kids, walking the dog, and so on.

If you don’t enjoy it, you need to find something you do enjoy. (Case in point: soon after I ran my first and only half marathon 7 years ago, I stopped running. I fell out of love with it and needed different forms of fitness.)

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Make fitness a priority.

Fitness should be part of the self love you show yourself. It isn’t something that is meant for the bottom of the to-do list or only something you get to do when you have the time. (News flash: there is always time to give your body the exercise that it needs.)

Remember that exercise doesn’t need to be going to the gym for two hours. It can be playing with your kids at the park for those two hours, or playing in the snow with your dog.

Listen to what your body needs right now.

Sometimes we push our bodies into the exercise it’s not ready for, rather than listening to what it needs.

When we start listening to our bodies, though, we start operating in a better flow and our bodies function better. For instance, sometimes my body needs gentle stretching or yoga, while other times it craves fast-paced cardio or heavy lifting.

Especially as women, it’s critical that we listen to what our body needs…and give it that.

Once you start going after these goals, you’ll find that losing weight is easy…because you’ve made fitness a priority, are doing what’s fun, and listening to your body.

Do you have any other fitness goals you’re going after?

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