Crystals 101: What are they and why should you be using them?

You may have seen or heard of people using crystals, but you may not be sure why – or what the benefit is.

Sure, they’re beautiful, but what else can they do?

As it turns out, loads more. Here’s what crystals are and why you should be using them.

What are crystals?

Crystals use the power of the Earth to heal by harnessing the power (and energy) of the Sun, Moon, and the oceans. These semi-precious stones allow us to feel a physical connection with the Earth, since they are originally of the Earth.

Since all matter carries its own unique vibrational energy (including us!), each crystal has special characteristics that tie to certain benefits for our health and wellbeing.

Why should we use crystals?

Crystals are harmless to the human body and are a less traditional way for benefiting your body in addition to other healthy living tactics like exercising, eating well, etc.

We can use crystals for meditation, prosperity, inner calmness, relaxation, self-expression, strengthening our immune system, concentration, motivation, hormone balance, promotion of happiness, healing infections, and decreasing inflammation.

How to find crystals

If you’re interested in the healing and beneficial properties of crystals, simply start by researching what you’d like to work on and then search for the corresponding crystal.

For example, a search for “crystals to help anxiety” brought me to this post, where Energy Muse recommends black tourmaline (one of my personal favs!), amethyst, angelite, and more.

You can also stop into a crystal shop and the store clerks are often very well versed on the crystals and can make customized recommendations for you.

How to use crystals

From there, you can hold your crystals during meditation, keep them on your body, around the house, or in your bag when you travel.

(If you’re keeping them on your body, I like to put one or two in my bra or pocket, depending on what I’m going after. If it’s a crystal meant for the heart chakra, I like to keep it in my bra; a root chakra crystal is great in your pants pocket.)

How you use crystals is largely based on what they do and your personal preference for them, so experiment and see what works for you!

Have you used crystals before? What do you like or not like? Tell me in the comments below!

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