6 Skincare Rules You Need to Start Following

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In a world overfilled with skincare lines and makeup products galore, it’s hard to know where to turn.

Here are 6 basic rules we all need to get back to following when it comes to taking care of our beautiful skin.

1. Take your makeup off every night.

Someone once told me that if you sleep without makeup, you’ll age one day; if you sleep with makeup, you’ll age one week. That’s always stuck with me.

Imagine – you sleep with makeup for four nights straight and that’s one month of extra aging for your face!

Take a few minutes to take off all your makeup from the day and not only will you prevent fast aging, but you’ll also prevent clogging pores. After all, during sleep is when our skin spends time rejuvenating and renewing.

My favorite? This Easy on the Eyes Makeup Remover to help get rid of the unwanted eye makeup and (bonus!) this night repair cream to give your skin an added boost overnight.

2. Wear sunscreen every day.

Chances are, you’re going to go outside at some point every day. Since I live Florida, the sun is often extra harsh.

We all know the dangers of skin cancer, but what about less scary things like melasma or wrinkles? We don’t want those either. That’s why regardless of how harsh the sun is where you live, it’s critical that you protect your skin with SPF every. single. day.

My favorites? CC cream or AgeWell Restoring Cream with SPF.

3. Stop stripping the oil out of your skin.

Did you know that stripping oil is actually going to make your face oily? Balancing the natural oils in your skin is the goal – and it’s why I started adding oil to my skin!

So let’s promise each other: stop using products that advertise removing the oil from your face.

4. Stop picking it.

Is this one just for me? Ugh. I’m the worst when it comes to blemishes. I even sense a pimple is coming and I try to attack it before it show up. (Here’s more about my acne story.)

But the reality is that messing with a pimple, blackhead, whitehead – what have you – is far worse than treating it and letting it naturally expel itself.

5. Give your face a little love.

Did you know that the way you apply your skincare and makeup products actually has a huge impact on your skin when it comes to wrinkles and the balance of your face? Yup…it’s true.

Check out this incredible video to learn how to properly give your face some love.

6. Feed your skin from the inside out.

Skincare doesn’t exist just on the outside…it starts on the inside. Proper nutritionexercisesleep and water do wonders for your face – and arguably even more than what you’re putting on your skin from the outside.

As your body’s biggest organ, your skin is also the one of the ways your body excretes toxins and waste. If you’re filling your body with junk, it’s going to show up front and center: on your skin. Treat it right from the start.

My favorite? This Plant Collagen from Your Super can help support your diet and exercise routine by building beautiful skin from within.


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