How to Take Yourself More Seriously

Do you find that others don’t take you and your dreams very seriously? They bat them away like some annoying fruit fly buzzing or giggle when you mention a new venture.

The simple fact is: they aren’t the only ones not taking you seriously. Being taken seriously – in life, in business, by your loved ones – starts with taking yourself seriously.

If you find that people in your life don’t take you as seriously as you’d like, try following these simple tips.

Remove negativity

Your first goal on the road to taking yourself more seriously is removing the negativity. Stop writing negative stories in your head or playing to the swirl of your ego and negative self-talk.

You’ll likely find these thoughts aren’t just in your head – you probably also lace your words, language, and behavior with negativity, too.

Since negative energy can lead to negativity, do what you can to get rid of it right this very second. The more attention you call to it, the easier and easier it will become to mute those negative voices.

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Recognize your potential

Confidence isn’t something that we all innately possess. We all have to work to strengthen our confidence in one way, shape, or form.

Try reflecting on your accomplishments in life so far. When you list out everything you’ve done, how far you’ve come, and all you’ve accomplished, you’ll quickly have a “holy shit, I’m awesome” moment. I promise.

By taking this time to give yourself a little pat on the back, you will take yourself more seriously and remember that you are capable of doing incredible things.

Create deadlines

One of the reasons you – and others – may not be taking you seriously enough right now is because you start something, and never seem to finish it.

If that sounds like you, try putting a deadline on something – anything – and make it more tangible. Not only will that help inspire you to accomplish your goals, but you’ll be that much closer to taking yourself more seriously.

If you have big goals that will take time to achieve (and seem overwhelming), try set deadlines for small steps. You will take yourself more seriously if you can stick to a schedule and will find yourself completing large projects in no time.

Recognize mistakes are how you learn

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. (This is nothing new; but sometimes we are way too hard on ourselves for “failing.” The truth? Failing is just a way to learn, and – more importantly – failing means you tried.)

That said, in order to stay in tune with reality, you must own up to your mistakes. Accept them, and move on. Once you realize the mistakes you make, you can find ways to learn from them.

More often than not, you’ll find that failing or making a mistake was actually a pivotal moment for helping you down your path.

How do you take yourself more seriously? Tell us in the comments below!

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