18 Month Old Daily Schedule for SAHMs [Part II]: Nursing, Outdoor Activities & More

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Last time, we talked about our 18 month old schedule and a little more about indoor activities, independent play, and meal times.

Today, we’re talking about nursing, outdoor activities, and reading!

Here’s a look at our daily schedule. Again, we don’t follow it to a “T,” but it gives us good structure for our day.

Here are some more highlights from the list above and inspiration for your own 18 month old.

Nursing for 18 month olds

18 months in and we’re still going strong breastfeeding! I’m so proud of both Roman and I for this accomplishment and how close it brings us together. I love that I’m able to comfort Roman in this way, while also giving him some added nutrition.

For those mamas still nursing, too…you got this! For those who are done or who weren’t able to, I know you did the very best for your baby…and no matter what that meant for you, fed is always best.

Since I stay home with Roman, nursing on demand is simply part of our routine, and it works for us. Now obviously he doesn’t need to breastfeed, but I recently learned that nursing is surprisingly more nutritious at this age than I expected. (I knew there were some antibodies and vitamins getting passed to my little guy still, but I had no idea how much.)

According to KellyMom.com:

In the second year (12-23 months), 448 mL of breastmilk provides:

– 29% of energy requirement
– 43% of protein requirement
– 36% of calcium requirement
– 75% of vitamin A requirement
– 76% of folate requirement
– 94% of vitamin B12 requirement
– 60% of vitamin C requirements

Holy guacamole! Those stats floored me.

According to our pediatrician, breastfeeding until 2 is recommended (if possible), well documented and supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics. And other sources sing the praises of nursing even after two years old.

Again, as with all things toddler, it’s important that you do what works for you and your family.

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Craving a more structured day with your 18 month old?

(Outside) Activities for 18 month olds

Living in Florida in the summertime proves challenging for outside time, but we make it work.

As you can see by our schedule above, I try to get us outside first thing in the morning and in the evening. As the days get cooler this fall/winter, we’ll be spending a lot more time outside as Roman loves exploring in the great outdoors.

Our other outside activities for our toddler include:


Roman loves the beach – the birds, the sand, the waves, everything. He especially loves running straight for the water with no fear whatsoever. (*face palm*)

I love how much my son loves the beach, but this mama is always left exhausted and cleaning up sand for what feels like ages after we go! (I’m a pool girl, myself…more on that in a moment!) But since we’re so close, we do make a pilgrimage there every so often.

Explore the yard

18 month olds are the perfect little explorers. (In fact, I don’t know about you, but it’s so amazing seeing the world through their eyes!) Roman’s current favorite things are:

  • Find an awesome rock
  • Check out the lawn mower (tractor)
  • Go on lizard hunts
  • Wave “hi” to all the neighborhood dogs


We’re very lucky in that we have a community pool just a few houses down, so this is a perfect Florida summer morning or (more typically) afternoon activity.

I taught swim lessons and was a lifeguard throughout my teens/early 20’s, so I’m working with Roman on his swimming. (I know a lot of friends like to do professional swim lessons or even ISR swim training with their littles since we are surrounded by water where we live.)

Though Roman likes to spend more time running around the pool deck than in the water, he’s slowly getting more interested and some good toys help.

Some of our favorite pool accessories currently include:


Roman’s still great in a stroller (and gets excited to be in it!) so we use it as a good opportunity to get some fresh air even when the temperature’s headed toward 90 degrees. Luckily, he has his own personal fan so he stays nice and cool (and Mama gets a good sweat in while listening to a good book!). We also don’t leave the house without being covered in some good sunscreen!

Side note: If you don’t have a stroller you love, I highly recommend this one. It’s the perfect in-between for an umbrella stroller and a jogger.

Non-Pandemic Activities

Of course, pre-COVID we had a few more choices when it came to outdoor play. The playground is always a great bet, but I find it’s challenging to find a good playground for my 18 month old. Most playgrounds are geared more toward school-aged children and Roman is left frustrated by the jungle gyms that are too big for him.

Reading for 18 month olds

There’s nothing in the world that my son loves more than books (except maybe dogs and vacuums), and I love that. My husband and I read constantly to Rome and he spends a lot of his independent time flipping through books too.

He’s obsessed with so many books, but here are some current favorites for our toddler:

What are your favorite go-to’s for your 18 month old? Tell me all about them in the comments below!

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