What Is Your Health Regimen?

I’ve recently had a few women in my life ask what I do for my healthy fitness/nutrition regimen.

Since it’s a topic I’m passionate about – and one I think we should talk about regularly – here are my answers to their questions.

How do you say “no” to junk food?

That’s a toughie, because the answer is: I just do.

Don’t get me wrong…I have my vices. I love ice cream, queso, and cheese. In other words: all forms of dairy. (And I can win eating contests in how much dairy I can eat.)

But I try to have them only sparingly. For example, I typically keep some cheese in the fridge and treat myself to a bit as I’m cooking dinner or with a glass of wine. Or, I’ll treat myself to a carton of ice cream during my time of the month, when I crave it most.

I don’t follow a specific “diet,” but try to only indulge in foods at the right time.

Since I eat very well, overall, my body knows when I’ve overloaded and I tend to feel awful as a result. For that reason, I absolutely indulge, but only to a point.

The takeaway? If you have a hard time saying no to junk food, you may need to start with a certain nutrition program. That way, you’ll teach your body how to properly fulfill itself with good food. One I’ve particularly enjoyed is the Tone It Up nutrition program. I regularly make recipes from the program and it’s also regularly updated!

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What is your fitness philosophy?

Another tough question. But the real answer? Do what feels good.

I’m a big believer in self-care when it comes to your fitness regimen.

It’s also extremely personalized. For me? I work from home and on my computer; in other words, I’m very stagnant. I need a fitness regimen that gets me up and moving each and every day. I stopped running soon after the half marathon I did (because it no longer felt good) and it’s sometimes difficult to walk because I live in Florida.

For some of my girlfriends, they prefer yoga and barre classes, which put them in front of a community of women. (I’ve always been super self-motivated with fitness, so it’s not necessarily something I need a community for, though it’s great for others!)

Others still prefer walking (and running or other cardio) or fun activities (like playing with the kids or dance classes).

Again: do what feels good (or right!) for you. Eat well (not necessarily less!) and move more is my philosophy.

What do you do for a fitness program?

In years past, I was obsessed with my own program, using Pinterest-inspired posts at home or at the gym.

More recently, I’ve used the BBG/Sweat with Kayla program. It’s great for at-home workouts, those who travel, and has more recently expanded to gym workouts, post-natal workouts, and yoga. This program replaces your gym membership (at about $120 for the year) and is a wonderful way to stay fit.

Even more recently, I’ve moved over to the Tone It Up app (free for download, about $84 for the year) which I adore and is a great change of pace after over a year and a half with the Sweat program.

I’ve been following Karena and Katrina (TIU) for years and between the daily moves and daily workout video, it’s the perfect 45 – 60 minutes that I need.

Not only is this is a wonderful program for me, who works from home, which gives you approximately 15 – 20 minutes of daily moves (which could be plenty for that day!) plus another 25 – 35 minutes of a daily video (an extra add-on). What’s also great (not for me, but those who enjoy it) is the community within the app.

When I was pregnant and recovering postpartum, I loved the Bloom Method more than words can say. I can honestly say I was stronger going into child birth and recovered far more quickly by using this program.

So again: find what works for you. Is it going for a run? Going to a Zumba, yoga, pilates class? Lifting weights? Play around with some programs and some classes (many of which can be on a free trial basis) and see what works with you.

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