The Argument for Getting More Excited

Are you the type of person that gets excited over things? Or are you one that takes them in stride and doesn’t tend to get too worked up over things?

I have a mix of both camps in my life and, personally, I’m proud to say I’m the former (AKA I get super excited).

I get excited over every little thing in life, and always have. In fact, when I was a kid, I would look forward to things so much, I would make myself physically ill over it!

While that was a little much (and I’ve since learned to cope with getting over-excited), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how excitement or anticipation feeds into our daily lives. Does it help or does it hurt? Is it better to be one way over the other?

In my opinion, excitement is always the way to go. Let’s find out why excitement will make all the difference in your life.

Look forward to the future

One of the biggest benefits I find for getting excited about life is that you wholeheartedly look forward to the future. When we look forward to the future, it helps keep us motivated and forward thinking, rather than stuck in the past.

If you don’t currently have anything to look forward to – such as a girls’ night out, family trip, tickets to see a show, your goals, etc. – plan something! It’s truly that simple.

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Live your life with passion

I’ll always be the first to say that a life lived without passion is one not worth living. When you crave the life you live, you’re truly in it. All in it. It means you’re truly living.

And, of course, passion and excitement go hand in hand.

So if you don’t feel passionate about your life – or the people in it – do something about it. Discover your passion and follow it…whether it’s a new job, a new location, or just a new hobby. Live passionately and the excitement will most certainly follow.

Get comfortable with change

Speaking of following your passion, it’s high time we all get more comfortable with change.

When you’re not creating positive change in your life, there’s not much to get excited over, is there? After all, having new experiences (no matter how big or how small) are the essence of change and the perfect opportunity for excitement.

Furthermore, it’s impossible to live the beautiful, wonderful, excited life you want to live without a little change. Start making the changes to areas you’re not completely satisfied with and you’ll start seeing that excitement come out.

Are you excited about your life? What are you doing to create excitement?

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