How to Feel More Like Yourself as a Stay at Home/Work from Home Mom

Whoever said motherhood ain’t easy wasn’t lying.

Add in working from home and staying at home with baby? There’s a challenge for even the most hardcore moms around.

Now that I’m just about 6 months into be a SAHM/WFHM (Stay At Home Mom/Work From Home Mom, if you don’t yet know the lingo), I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on how to feel like yourself. Here’s how.

Get dressed in the morning

Even if it means getting out of your night pajamas and into your day pajamas, change your clothes. Just trust me on this. It makes a world of difference.

Put on your face, do your hair, shower, etc.

We all have our special “things” that make us feel like a real person. Mine is putting makeup on – that way, I know my face is good and I can walk out of the door at any moment.

For others, it might be doing your hair or showering. Whatever it is, do it (even a quick version) every day.

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You’re going to be lifting the baby and playing with the baby, but it’s important to move intentionally and take care of your beautiful bod. 

Exercise with the right routine and do double duty by staying fit and recovering properly from your pregnancy.

Get outside

A little fresh air can do wonders, especially when you’re in the newborn – and now infant/working – haze.

Get out for a few minutes and enjoy nature, take a little walk, or just get a little sunshine. It’s all going to be good for your (and your baby’s) soul.

Get out of the house

Take getting outside a step further by getting away from your home. Even a quick errand can make you feel worlds different when it comes to the SAHM/WFHM.

Whether you take baby with you or not, getting out of the house at least once every few days is a must!

What are your tips as a Stay at Home/Work from Home Mom? Tell me in the comments below! 

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