3 (New & Improved) Things to Remember When Working From Home

After working from home for over 9 years, I’ve got a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

It’s an ever-evolving practice to stay motivated, present, and not get completely swallowed up in the boundaries of a work-life balance when you do both in the same place.

Here are 5 new and improved things to remember when working from home.

1. Don’t be frumpy at work

You already know the difference in how you feel in sweats versus an outfit you’d wear to go out to lunch with a new potential client.

Working from home affords you the freedom not to have to spend an hour getting showered, dressed, hair, and makeup done, but do consider having a getting ready routine for your telecommuting day.

As an example, for me, that means changing out of my pajamas into a comfortable, matching gym-ready outfit. (Think yoga pants and t-shirt.) This is an outfit I’d be able to up and go almost anywhere in: the grocery store, a shop, or yes, the gym. I do a simple 5-10 minute makeup routine and (at the very least) brush my hair.

Boom, done. It may not be quite as much as what I’d do for an office job, but it certainly makes me feel 1000% more ready to tackle my day.

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2. Set clear boundaries with work

If you were in an office, you might have a clear 9-5 position. While that may not be the case for your work-from-home job, it’s still critical you have boundaries. That means that you have set family time, self time, or otherwise non-work time…and work doesn’t interrupt that time.

For me, I am also a Stay at Home Mom, so my work hours are somewhat controlled by my little guy. However, I do try my best (within reason) not to do any work tasks while I’m parenting, playing, or otherwise caring for my child.

Drawing boundaries will not only keep you sane, it will also help your coworkers or clients know that you aren’t available 24/7 simply because you work from home.

3. Take regular breaks from work

Our brains can’t work on full throttle for 8 hours straight. It’s just not how we’re built.

I’ve read varied statistics on the matter, but overall, it’s recommended we take a 5-10 minute break for every hour or so of work. That may feel like a lot of breaks, but our brain needs it.

Think about it this way: how often do you naturally take breaks? Whether it’s getting up to go the bathroom, grab a snack or a meal, scroll on Instagram, your brain naturally craves a pause button.

Why not proactively give it that with a short walk, an energizing snack, or even a 10 minute workout to get the blood flowing?!

What are your favorite tips for working from home? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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