Politics in 2020: Why It’s Become So Scary

If you have a political opinion in 2020, it’s scary.

As it turns out, it’s scary for both sides.

Why? Because at one point we stopped having conversations and started making assumptions.

Because all we hear about in the news, social media, and even in our own communities is the radical right and the radical left.

What has ensued? That when you hear someone is a Republican or a Democrat, you start making wild assumptions about what they believe in based on what the far right or the far left has said.

So even if your candidate won the presidential election, it’s scary. If yours didn’t win, it’s scary.

It’s scary for a lot of reasons, but I’d like to speak namely about the fact that we can’t even be excited or sad anymore without being berated by the opposing viewpoint. And that’s where the problem lies: the assumption has become if your view isn’t mine, it’s completely opposite, making it completely wrong.

In reality, most of us are in the middle and most of us have very common thoughts, ideals, and morals.

However, we’re choosing to assume an opposing viewpoint must be the same as their not-so-friendly neighborhood far left or right.

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What you can do

Let’s stop being scared of the conversations that once felt safe (or at least safer).

Find your people – those who are friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and coworkers – who have seemingly opposing viewpoints and talk to them frankly. How are they feeling? What do they think?

Be open, honest, and non-judgmental. I know that’s hard, but try. That’s the only way we get anywhere as a culture and as a society.

By doing these things, you might just discover you have way more in common than you ever thought.

And THAT is the first step to being united. To healing. To loving each other unconditionally.

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