6 Things We Women Have to Stop Doing

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As humans, we do a lot on autopilot. That’s actually a good thing: it allows our brains to focus on what’s at hand, allows us to think of other things while we’re working on a given task, and leave plenty of room to learn in the ol’ noggin.

The problem with autopilot? Once a habit is engrained in us, it’s tough to break. Sometimes it’s hard to even be aware that we’re doing something while we’re doing it because habits is just that strong.

So let’s call attention to a few habits that we, as women, have got to stop doing.

1. STOP going to bed with makeup on.

You already know this is a no-no, girlfriend. But…did you know that for every 1 night you go to bed with makeup on, it ages your skin by 1 week?!

Yeah, if that’s not enough to convince you, I don’t know what will.

HOW TO STOP: Make things easy for yourself with your bedtime routine. If you like to shower right before bed like me, this makes things easy; simply wash your face during the shower. If not, make sure you have a simple face wash routine; followed by a night cream in either instance.

(I’ve got some great skincare information for you right here.)

2. STOP using soap on your lady bits.

It wasn’t until I gave birth to my son that I heard that I shouldn’t EVER (except for that first shower after giving birth) use soap on my vagina.

I’m not talking about inside of it; I’m talking about on the outside of it. Hello, ultimate self cleaning magic!

Our vaginas are so good at their jobs, that they don’t need any help. So by soaping up, we’re actually counterintuitively messing with our natural pH levels.

HOW TO STOP: Pretty easy: just stop! Splash some water on your girly parts and you’re done!

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3. STOP skipping probiotics.

Speaking of healthy lady parts…probiotics are my go-to not just for a healthy downstairs, but also a healthy gut.

Fun fact: did you know that 70% of your immune system’s cells are in your gut?! So an unhealthy gut makes for…? An unhealthy YOU!!!

HOW TO STOP: To start with this one, you actually have to start. My favorite go-to probiotic is this up4 probiotic.

4. STOP skipping floss.

The last physical thing we need to stop doing? Skipping the floss.

Just like your gut, your oral health is a window to your overall health. It makes sense right? Your mouth is the gateway to your gut, so of course if there’s a build up in bacteria and other icky junk in your mouth, that means it’s in your gut in no time.

Many of us suck at flossing and I’m here raising my hand right now, because my dental hygienist yells at me every six months. It’s an easy habit to create and takes less than a minute to do.

HOW TO STOP: Make flossing at least once a day a priority in your bedtime routine.

5. STOP giving a shit what anyone else thinks.

Do we, as women have some sort of special bone that makes us care what everyone else thinks?

I’m serious. So many women I know care about what everyone around them thinks. And I’m not talking about close friends and family. I’m talking about caring about what some random Instagram hobo thinks about you.

Really? Really. Take that in. (And I’m talking to myself here, too, so don’t think I’m on a pedestal.)

You care about someone thinks who you don’t know and who doesn’t know you (and your story). The person that took precisely .02 seconds to decide they knew you by looking at a photo or a social media post of yours?

Nope. We don’t got time for that. Next.

HOW TO STOP: There are always going to be people who don’t vibe with you…and that’s OK. You’re not going to love everyone you meet either. For those people who decide it’s OK to publicly – or privately – speak ill of you?

Feel sorry for them. There’s got to be Thank them. Thank them because they just lit a fire under you. Get out of your head and forget about them. Be yourself and put the best of yourself out into the world.

6. STOP keeping yourself in a low vibration.

Maybe you noticed that we started with the external physical, then hit the internal physical, and now we’re finishing with the mind.

As a gender, we ladies need to STOP. LIVING. IN. A. LOW. VIBRATION.

Ok, what does that mean exactly?

The short, sweet version is that all matter has energy and all that energy vibrates at different frequencies. When you’re in alignment and having a great day, living your best life…you’re in a high vibration. When you’re feeling low, depressed, sluggish, and out of alignment, you’re at a low vibration.

(The 2.0 to this vibration intro is that, at high vibrations, we can actually manifest and call in the things that we want. Also, the higher the vibration, the closer you are to your higher self.)

What does being in a low vibration feel like?

  • You feel tired and lethargic
  • You’re emotionally distant
  • You’re very self-focused
  • You suffer from chronic illness
  • You are physically unfit and unhealthy
  • You often feel jealous
  • You don’t know what you want
  • You’re unfulfilled
  • You complain
  • You argue
  • You focus on the negative

What does being in a high vibration feel like?

HOW TO STOP: Practice living in a high vibration by fueling your body with whole, healthy foods and regular exercise. Fuel your mind by being a lifelong learner. Fuel your soul with your passions, creativity, and the work that you were meant to do in this word.

Ready to make these commitments to yourself? Let’s all stop doing these six things together, shall we? 

Tell me what you might struggle with the most in the comments below!

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