Learning to Appreciate the Little Things, Thanks to COVID-19

We take a family walk every afternoon. Thanks to the beautiful Florida weather in springtime, we’ve been able to do this almost every day during the coronavirus quarantine.

During our walks, I have been noticing more than I ever have before.

For instance, down the street, a neighbor has this gorgeous array of succulents and cacti in their garden. I don’t think about it much until we pass it and I always admire its beauty.

One day recently, I noticed a small cactus looked like it was about it bloom.

It happened out of nowhere. The day before, little nubs had formed, then poof! Three perfect, pink blossoms had grown.

I forgot about it almost as immediately as I noticed it.

The next day, I passed the succulent garden and again, POOF! The blooms had burst open to reveal gorgeous bright pink flowers perched atop the little round cactus.

I paused to show my son, who wasn’t quite as interested as me, before moving along.

The next day as we passed, I paused again. Those perfect, brilliant little flowers had wilted and were nearly completely dried up.

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One day.

That’s all the flowers lasted. Maybe less, in fact.

It was at that moment I realized something. I normally would’ve taken a photo of those flowers. Maybe posted it to my Instagram Stories or maybe just kept them image on my phone for myself.

So why hadn’t I?

Upon reflection, the thought to photo document never crossed my mind, like it may have otherwise.

But why?

I think I wanted to savor the moment completely. To be present. To enjoy.

And then, to accept the moment had passed. That, like all things, the flowers were destined to wilt and die. And that that’s ok.

It was a moment of understanding a sad, but beautiful truth.

Nothing lasts forever and we have to savor the small moments. Not through a camera lens (although I do love photo documenting) and not through the pressure to document on social media.

Just to be. Just to appreciate. Just to be in the moment.

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