The Working Stay At Home Mom Conundrum

I stay at home full-time with my 22 month old son. I also work from home part-time running my own business.

It’s a challenging balance that I think more and more women are trying to strike.

Whether you’ve landed back at home due to COVID, want to stay at home with your babies and also want to make money/add value to the world in other ways, or this has simply been your lifelong dream…staying at home and working from home isn’t easy.

Now I have an admission for you: I never wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom….until I did.

I’ve wanted to be a mom for my entire life; that’s never been a question for me.

But I’m also a multi-passionate person and yearn to do great big things in the world. Running my business is one essential part of that and also financially important for my family.

When I was pregnant and my husband and I talked about the plan for our baby and my work, he was actually the one to suggest I stay home and do both. I thought he was crazy. Who can do both?! I thought. (News flash: I still think this.)

Staying at home is magical…and also f’ing hard.

Staying at home with your infant, toddler, or child is a full-time job. I knew this even before I had my son, but now I see it more than ever. 

Raising a little human takes constant attention, care, and dedication. You lose sleep, often adult connection, and sometimes your sanity.

But you also gain more than I ever thought possible. You gain every first moment and every little moment. You gain helping them through falls and spills, tantrums and snuggles, learning new things each and every moment.

Can you really be both a SAHM and a WFHM?

So can you do it all? Can you stay at home and work too?

I think the answer is yes…and no.

Yes, you can find the small moments to work (I focus on work during nap time, after bed time, and the in-between family moments when my husband is home), and be present with your baby/ies.

You can work part-time.

I think it’s only possible to be at home and work part-time. I can’t imagine working full-time with little ones at home too. (I think this becomes more possible the older your kiddos are, and thanks to COVID moms everywhere are a testament to the craziness this creates!)

Something has to give.

You can’t take care of your kids full-time, work, and also be the house cleaner and full-time cook. Whether your partner takes some of the load off (or another family member) or you outsource things like hiring a cleaning service or having groceries delivered, you can’t do it all…and that’s ok!

You need to think about yourself.

A caregiver can’t give when their cup is empty. In other words, you also need to take time for yourself to be the best mom you can be (and I’m also looking at myself here). Take a night a week to have “me time” and do the self-care that feels the best for you!

Are you a stay at home and working mom? How do you do it?! Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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