How to Stay Motivated to Work Out All Winter Long

Does winter hit and you feel completely unmotivated to work out?

Yeah, me too. And it’s totally normal.

Winter is a season of rest for our bodies and you can feel it. But there are ways to still move forward in your fitness goals and exercise your body in ways that feel good for you.

Here are 7 awesome tips for staying motivated to work out all winter long.

1. Schedule your workouts.

Planning your workouts ahead will help you ensure they will happen. Consider when you like working out – in the morning, midday, or at night. Then plan your day around that workout so that you set yourself up for success.

2. Listen to what your body needs right now.

One of the best things you can do for your body is to listen to what it’s craving most. You know when you would rather a yoga session over a run. You also know when you’d rather a HIIT workout over a walk outside.

Listen to what your body needs and you’ll be far more likely to do that type of workout…plus you’ll feel way better staying aligned with what you need right now.

3. Dress for the occasion.

I find that putting on a workout outfit that I feel good in is half the battle of getting motivated to work out. As simple as it sounds, you’re far less likely to put off your exercising if you’ve done the work of getting dressed.

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4. Remember that workouts don’t need to be long.

A daily and consistent 10 minute fitness routine is actually much more beneficial for you than a single long weekly workout. You don’t need a ton of time to work out; you simply need to be diligent about regular workouts. This can be reassuring for those of us who have limited time to workout, since it can sometimes feel like a workout should be longer.

5. You can work out home.

While many people love working out at a gym or other fitness facilities, it’s important that working out at home can be just as effective. Invest in just a few weights, yoga mat, and maybe a few other pieces of equipment, and you’re good to go! (Or choose to do all bodyweight exercises.)

Take a walk, play with your kids outside, or invest in a fitness app to help keep you on track. (My favorite is Tone It Up.)

6. Make your workout fun.

Many of us need to kick up our workouts a notch by making them fun. And bonus: that ends up motivating us too. Making a workout fun could be a dance class or some killer leggings, and everything in between.

7. Manifest how you’ll feel.

One of my all-time favorite tricks for getting started with a workout that I’m just not feeling? Imagining how I’ll feel after. I know I’ll feel good, strong, and proud of myself for finishing. By manifesting that feeling, it motivates me to get started in order to make it a reality.

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