How to Figure Out What You Want

“What do you want?”

In general, this has always been my favorite question to ask to get to know people.

I’ve used it as a topic of conversation many, many times. Especially when I was dating, I would use it to dig into the soul of my would-be suitors using this question.

Perhaps an even better question is: what would you do if money or resources weren’t a concern?

Maybe you know the answer, or maybe you don’t yet. Maybe you think you have an idea – or at least you used to – but it’s changed now.

No matter where you are, here’s how to figure out what you want.

1. Trust your intuition.

You have a “gut feeling” for a reason, so follow it.

When your intuition tells you to try something new or continue doing that really fun thing…do it!

You never know where your innate intuition could you lead you and, more than likely, it will lead you right to what you want.

2. Try a lot of different things.

When you’re on the hunt for what you really want, it’s important to say yes to new opportunities and experiment with new things.

After all, you never know where what you really want will be lurking.

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3. Figure out what you don’t want.

Just as important as figuring out what you do want is determining what you don’t. Crossing items off your list is crucial information.

For instance, if you followed the traditional college, then job, then find a spouse route, but it doesn’t feel like the right path for you, that’s ok! It’s incredibly important to find all this out.

4. Enjoy the journey.

Happiness – true happiness – is about the journey and not the destination. That’s not just a saying, it’s a fact.

The destination is a fleeting moment and the journey is the bulk of the process; so it’s critical that you appreciate the process.

Also, once you get what you want (or reach the destination), you’ll naturally want more or something else. That’s ok, but that’s why the journey is most important.

5. It’s ok if what you want changes.

Change is a natural part of life and you’ll inevitably change what you want over time.

Re-evaluate your goals and what you want often, because you want to keep up with what you truly desire.

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