How the Moon Cycle Affects Your Mood: An Introduction for Working with Moon Energy

As women, our bodies run on a monthly cycle. You’re already painfully aware of this.

You also probably know that the moon runs on a cycle too.

But did you know that both the female cycle and the moon cycle run on (about) a 29-day cycle?

Not coincidentally, our female cycle is affected by the moon itself. But it’s not just our cycle. Our energy is affected by the moon cycle too.

I’ll stop here and mention that a 29-day cycle is a general cycle length and is obviously not the reality for all women.

If this is the first time you’ve heard the moon affects your mood, you might already be Googling the current moon phase and body scanning for how you’ve been feeling.

If you’ve known about this for a while, you’re ready to learn a little more.

The Moon & Astrology

Long known for its reflection of our deepest emotions, the moon is seen as a feminine planet. She’s associated with both intuition and our deepest knowing.

Deeply connected in the cycle of life, the moon has been revered by many Native traditions for its energetic ruling over the tides. Water, of course, is not only known to be the life blood of our planet and our bodies, but also a representation of our inward thoughts and feelings.

In addition, many cultures have used the moon to track time and perform rituals or celebrations based on the season.

How does the moon affect our energy?

Since the moon has a gravitational pull on the Earth’s major waterways — enough to affect tides — and our bodies are made of approximately 60% water, it only makes sense that the moon’s energy can also affect our bodies too.

This magnetic effect also has the tendency to pull emotions to the surface, depending on where the moon is at in its cycle.

Does the moon affect women more than men?

The moon can affect both men and women, but since women run on the same 29 day(ish) cycle and men run on a 24 hour cycle, women tend to feel the synchronicity more deeply.

Of course, every woman is different; but in general, many of us bleed with the New Moon and ovulate with the Full Moon.

Fun fact: traditionally women went to the “moon lodge” or “red tent” during menstruation and were honored in their creative life force and ability to maintain fertility for the tribe. During this time, the women were relieved of their tribal duties and able to reconnect with their deepest, most divine feminine energy.

How to work with moon energy

Ok, all that is wonderful….but how do you actually work with moon energy?

First, it’s going to be important to get educated on the different moon phases and the energy they bring. From there, you’ll be able to work with the energy, not against it, in order to harness its power.

And that’s exactly what we’ll get into next time 😉

How’s all that for magic?

But we’re not done yet. Next time, we’re going to talk about how you can harness the power of the moon in each and every cycle.

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