How to Use Calendar Blocking to Be More Productive

As a mompreneur, time is more precious than ever.

While we all have the same 24 hours in a day, being productive is more crucial than it has been in the past. (In fact, I often think about before I became a Mom and what in the world did I do with all my time?!)

One thing has changed the game in my productivity. Calendar blocking.

I’ve known about time blocking for a long time, but I was resistant at first. Now? It’s changed the game for me as a mompreneur.⁠

3 Easy Steps for Calendar Blocking

Here’s how I do calendar blocking for my work life.

1. How much can you/do you want to work?

Average how many billable or productive hours of work you can do in a given work day.

Get super honest with how many hours you can realistically work. Better yet? Get even more honest with how many hours you want to work. ⁠

For reference, I average 3-5 hours per day, so 4 hours is what I use.⁠

2. Break projects up.

Break projects or work into hour increments based on tasks. ⁠

For example: for an SEO project, I complete an SEO audit, then perform keyword research, create SEO recommendations, and finally perform copywriting. Each one of these tasks are color coded and I know (on average) how long each part of the project takes. ⁠

3. Block your calendar.

⁠Block your calendar or a spreadsheet with specific tasks in 50 minute – 1 hour time blocks. (50 minutes is the ideal amount of time we can focus on a task, with a 10 minute break.)⁠

I use a spreadsheet, instead of a calendar because my work times are so unique each day. That way, I can literally look at my four 1 hour blocks when I have the opportunity to work and choose which one I’d like to do.

Surprise: want a template of my simple calendar? Download it below!

Don’t forget to include internal work for your own business. This counts as work time and you don’t want to forget your own marketing!

Why Calendar Blocking Works

So why does this method work so well? Because now you know:⁠

➡️ How long tasks take and you can adjust as things change and you learn more⁠

➡️ Exactly what you need to get done in your work day (there is no guessing about what you’re doing when you sit down to work)⁠

➡️ When you can feasibly tell clients will be ready (since you have a crystal clear calendar that you can use to estimate time with!)⁠

Do you block your time yet?

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