How to be Present in the Moment (Even as a Work at Home Mom)

As a Mom, you have less than 50 plates spinning at once. Your mind is on getting ready for school the next day, activities for this weekend, and soccer practice next week…not to mention your own work.

It’s hard to stay in the present moment, let alone enjoy it.

But there’s hope. You can “do it all” and still stay in the moment with a few helpful tips.

Focus on the task at hand.

When you’re in your office or at work, be there. Give your all to your job and try not to get distracted with thoughts of what you need to do at home.

Likewise, stay focused at home. When you’re playing with your kids or even doing a load of laundry, try to stay on the task at hand, rather than caught up in what’s going on with work.

Even small bits of focused energy (10, 20, or even 50 minutes at a time) will ensure you can accomplish a great deal.

Set boundaries.

Boundaries are a wonderful thing, both at home and at work. A similar rule applies to focusing on what you’re doing: set clear boundaries, whether at home or at work.

During home or personal time, try your best not to answer work calls or emails. Attempt to leave that for work time. And vice versa: do your best not to handle home or personal tasks during your work time.

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Reframe your time.

If you’re having trouble with that ever-present Mommy guilt, you’re not the only one. Blending your time during work and Mom life inevitably blurs the lines between being a good parent and being a good entrepreneur.

If you can reframe your time in more focused ways, you’ll undoubtedly find that you can be more present and lose the guilt for being distracted so often.

Multitasking is exhausting your brain.

As a society, we’ve glorified multitasking to the point of no return. Being able to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time is no longer reason for a gold star, it’s the bare minimum.

What if it didn’t need to be that way? If you’ve trained your brain to multitask constantly, you likely feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and slightly disoriented.

Again, here’s another reason to stay focused and in the present moment.

Be selective with your to-do list.

Us Moms love our to-do lists, right? They’re a great way to get all that information out of our heads and onto paper.

The problem is: there’s such a thing as too many to-dos. When we only accomplish one or two items a day on a to-do list of 20 things, it’s easy to feel disheartened.

Instead, stick to 1 – 3 to-do items for each day.

How do you stay focused and present as a WFHM mom?

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