What Is A Mompreneur? (The Difference Between Mompreneurs & Entrepreneurs)

Are you a mom and a business owner?

Then congrats…you’re a mompreneur.

Whether you choose to stay home with your kid(s) and work, do both part-time, or have kids in school full-time, entrepreneurial mama life is no easy task.

What is a mompreneur?

It’s when moms start their own businesses from home. They might sell products online, run a blog, or even create an app.

In short, you’re a mom and an entrepreneur.

As you well know, this level of responsibility, job roles, and polarity is unlike entrepreneurship or motherhood alone.

You, dear mama, are a rockstar.

Mompreneurs vs. Entrepreneurs

So, what is the difference between a mompreneur and an entrepreneur? In short, being a mom.

Many entrepreneurs aren’t parents, while all mompreneurs are parents.

Mompreneurs have a family-first mentality.

Moms are often more concerned with how their business will impact their families than other entrepreneurs. This means they need to make sure their work/life balance is right for them and their children.

Mompreneurs don’t work as much as entrepreneurs.

Let me be clear, I’m talking about the hours put in. The work itself, I’d argue, is significantly harder when trying to balance both business and family.

Depending on the age and childcare for your kid(s), however, there’s only a certain amount of work hours you can devote if you want to spend quality time with your family.

For me, for instance, I stay home with my 3-year-old full-time and spend an average of 15 – 20 hours a week in my business.

Mompreneurs are able to multi-task and enhance productivity.

There’s no woman better to squeeze the priorities into her work than a Mom.

When your work hours are compressed into small moments throughout the day, often spanning 10 minutes – 2 hours, at most, you get really good at making effective, productive decisions.

In conclusion, whether you’re a mompreneur or an entrepreneur, know that you’re part of a community of inspiring women who are working hard to build their businesses while also managing their families. We salute you!

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