How to Squeeze Fitness into Your Busy Mom Entrepreneur Life

Being a mompreneur is no joke—we’ve all got full plates and our to-do lists are constantly growing. But even though we’re busy, that doesn’t mean we should take a break from taking care of ourselves. To the contrary, finding the time for fitness is essential if you want to stay healthy and sane as a busy mom entrepreneur. So, how do you find time for fitness when your plate is already overflowing? Read on for some helpful tips!

Make It Fun

Fitness doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be fun!

Think outside the box and come up with activities that you actually enjoy doing:

  • Do you love dancing? Join an online dance class or make a playlist of your favorite songs and dance it out in your living room.
  • If yoga is more your style, try downloading an app with guided classes that cater to all levels.
  • Love to lift weights? Invest in some dumbells and lift during little breaks throughout the day.

The key here is to make it enjoyable so that you look forward to doing it every day.

Find Short Workouts You Can Fit Into Your Schedule

If 30 minutes at the gym isn’t possible due to all of your other commitments, don’t worry – there are plenty of short workouts out there that can fit into any schedule!

Try searching YouTube for 7-minute HIIT circuits or 10-minute Pilates sessions – these can easily be done in the comfort of your own home in between meetings and errands.

And trust me — even shorter workouts will still leave you feeling energized and refreshed!

Schedule Time Every Day Just For Yourself

When life gets hectic, it’s easy to let “me time” slip away without even realizing it. That’s why one of the best things you can do as a busy mompreneur is to carve out some time every single day just for yourself—even if it’s just 15 minutes.

Use this time however feels best; whether that means going for a walk in nature, stretching out on the yoga mat, or simply sitting quietly with your eyes closed and focusing on deep breathing exercises.

Taking this small amount of time to move your body can make all the difference in keeping yourself healthy and happy during this busy season of life!

As moms who are also entrepreneurs, we know how hard it can be to fit everything into our days — especially when self-care is involved! But trust me when I say carving out just 15 minutes each day (or even 5!) will help keep you healthy both mentally and physically throughout this season of life as a mompreneur.

Here’s hoping these tips will help make finding time for fitness easier than ever before so you can continue being the amazing woman (and business owner) I know you are! Happy sweating!

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