Content Creation for Female Entrepreneurs: 8 Phases to Create Content Using the Moon Cycle

Did you know that, as women, our energy works on a 28-day (or so) cycle?

I bet you’re already putting together the dots: your body also currently runs or once ran on a similar 28-ish day cycle.

You know what else runs on that cycle? The moon. 🌙

Let’s try something, shall we?

If you’re new to this concept, it might feel a little woo woo, and that’s OK. But I welcome you to try an exercise: for the next several moon cycles, jot down a sentence or two about how you feel and your energy for the day.

There’s no doubt you’ll start noticing patterns of similar thoughts, feelings, and energy during the same phases each cycle.

Just like our female cycles (even if you don’t or no longer have one), there’s similar energy during each phase of the cycle.

What if your female cycle doesn’t match up?

Many women ovulate during the full moon and menstruate during the new moon.


🌙 You may be the exact opposite (like me), where you menstruate during the full moon and ovulate during the new moon
🌙 You may have a cycle that is in the low 20-day range
🌙 You may have a cycle that is in the high 30-day range
🌙 You may not have a natural period due to birth control or for another medical reason
🌙 You may no longer menstruate due to a hysterectomy or menopause

Let me be clear: you are still a women, no matter what age or stage you are in; that means you can still take advantage of the moon cycle energy, no matter what.

It also means you should listen to your body first and the moon second. Use the energy that is available, but intuitively rely on your own energy first and foremost.

For instance, you might be frustrate that you’re not feeling high energy and productive during the Third Quarter Moon and instead just want to wrap yourself up in a blanket and relax. That’s ok; honor it.

You might also have different energy, depending on the month or season. That’s ok too.

Use the moon cycle as a guide and allow your intuition to steer you in the right direction.

8 Phases to Create Content Using the Moon Cycle

How exactly do the moon phases help us when it comes to creating our content?

content creation phases for female entrepreneurs

Working with 8 phases of the moon, you’ll be able to:

🌙 Create more intuitive content
🌙 Use the available energy to understand the best times to plan and create content, as well as when to rest
🌙 Stop forcing content during the phases the don’t make sense

Ok, now let’s get to the content creation, shall we?


New Moon


The New Moon is the perfect time to put together your content calendar and plan out all your content for the cycle ahead. It’s also a great time to set intentions and goals for the month (and content) ahead.

🌙 Emotions: quiet, introspective

🌙 Energy: manifesting, exciting but lower energy, new possibilities

🌙 Menstrual phase: Menstruation

new moon
crescent moon

Crescent Moon


During this first waning phase, it’s time to settle into your intentions and the plan for the cycle. You might want to start taking action, but your time is better spent trusting your inner knowing and that you’ve put the right plan in place.

🌙 Emotions: calm, confident, optimistic

🌙 Energy: relaxed, lower energy

🌙 Menstrual phase: Menstruation


First Quarter Moon


If the Crescent Moon is the cool, confident moment, sitting at the starting blocks of a track race, First Quarter Moon is the rush of adrenaline once the gun goes off. It’s time to take action and create, create, create. But be strategic: the productive energy might have you going in any number of directions, so make a plan by breaking up your content projects into small, clear steps.

🌙 Emotions: excited, inspired

🌙 Energy: high energy, action, productive, laser focused

🌙 Menstrual phase: Follicular

first quarter moon

Gibbous Moon


You did a lot of work during the First Quarter Moon. Now it’s time to slow down and take stock. How is your content going, what’s working, and what’s not?

🌙 Emotions: abundant, content, calm

🌙 Energy: low energy, re-engage, deep inner knowing

🌙 Menstrual phase: Ovulation


Full Moon


Reconsider the plan you put in place during the New Moon. Celebrate what’s been working with your content and release what strategies are no longer serving you.

🌙 Emotions: celebration, excitement

🌙 Energy: high energy, release

🌙 Menstrual phase: Ovulation / Luteal


Disseminating Moon


Focus on resting and nourishing yourself the best you can this phase. You might find yourself questioning everything this phase, getting very upset, or simply wanting to cozy up and resting. Do whatever feels right for you during this inward phase.

🌙 Emotions: deeply emotional, tired

🌙 Energy: low energy, trust the process

🌙 Menstrual phase: Luteal


third quarter moon


Wrap up final content tasks for the cycle; you’ll likely feel a strong urge to be productive and finalize projects.

🌙 Emotions: inspired, reverent for wisdom gained, abundant

🌙 Energy: high energy, highly productive

🌙 Menstrual phase: Luteal


Balsamic Moon


It’s time to take one last rest before the cycle over again. Celebrate and take great pride in your work over the cycle. Review all content data and learn everything you can from what you see.

🌙 Emotions: celebratory, pride, calm

🌙 Energy: low energy, rest and heal

🌙 Menstrual phase: Luteal

Put it into practice

Looking for a way to put all this into practice for your content creation efforts? Start infusing the moon cycle in your schedule.

Grab the free template below to overlay your content planner or schedule.

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