Do you want to be more consistent, motivated, and successful with your blog?

If you’re a wannabe blogger, new blogger, or sporadic blogger, you need the support and community behind you to help you create….without breaking the bank.

Introducing your blog BFF.

Simple Success for Blog Babes is an all-in-one community, training tool, and inspiration engine that will help your blog to grow and thrive.

What You Get

1. Daily blog motivation

2. Weekly blog ideas + inspiration

3. Biweekly blog training from 13-year professional blogger

4. Powerful community of like-minded blog babes

5. Unique opportunity to network

Biweekly Trainings

Every other Tuesday, you’ll get a brand new, never been done before training. Some trainings will be live, while others will be pre-recorded, but each one will get you one step closer to achieving your blog dreams!

Hi, I’m Nicki.

I’ll be walking you through this wild, crazy blog ride and I’m psyched you’re here with me.

I’m super passionate about helping fellow female entrepreneurs succeed online.

Over the past 13 years, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs show up in the search engines and be found by their ideal audience through the power of blogging.

Think of me as your marketing therapist. 

I’m not just a blogging and SEO expert; I’m also a mama, wife, writer, creative, fitness junkie, journaler, and eternal optimist.

Ok, Nicki. How much are we talking?

I know that as a new blogger, you’re already making a big time and energy investment in your life’s work, passion project, and/or business. 

That’s why an investment in this community is so important.

If we add up the total monthly value for this community, it would easily cost well over $500 a month. But I want this to be actionable and affordable for you.

$69 / month


Who is this community for? 

▷ Wannabe bloggers: you’ve always wanted to start a blog, but haven’t had the courage (yet!)

▷ New bloggers: you’ve started blogging, but haven’t gotten a community following or footing on your voice just yet

▷ Sporadic bloggers: you’ve had a blog for a while, but you’re inconsistent (at best) and nonexistent (at worst)

What will I learn?

What won’t you learn?! Every other week, you’ll get a custom training specific to this group, and this group only.

Plus, you’ll learn from the other incredible women in the community. You’ll get to cheer each other on and have an entire group motivating you too.

What is the time commitment?

I’d recommend devoting at least one hour a week to the program, plus about an hour for your blog. Two hours…that’s like two of your favorite bingeworthy shows or one of The Rock’s latest movies.

What’s your cancellation policy?

At the end of the day, I want this program to work for you, not against you. If it’s not working out, no problem. You can cancel at any time.

(Refunds are not available for months previously paid.)

Any more questions? You can reach me at