Pregnancy & New Moms in the Workplace

I recently listened to an incredible podcast from Wright Wellness Center with Sarah Peck, founder of Startup Pregnant. It was so perfectly timed that I soaked up every golden minute of it.

After all, not so recently I’ve been begun having my own conversations where colleagues, clients, family, and friends tiptoes around the “so…are you going to keep working…or are you closing up shop?” since I’m with child.

Here are a few key takeaways that this podcast sparked, coupled with my own thoughts on pregnant women and new moms in the workplace.

It’s a sensitive subject.

I get it…people wonder what your plan is and wonder if you’re going to become a full time stay at home Mom. While it’s wonderful for those women who have that dream, that’s never been my dream. I’ve always wanted to be a mother, but continuing to work and run my business is also very important to me.

Planned maternity leave isn’t scary.

One of my favorite quotes from the podcast with Sarah Peck was:

I find it almost comical that we’re at that place where we’re like ‘Oh no! You’re going to leave work for a determined amount of time, we know you’re going to do it, we have 9 months of advanced preparation…and ugh! Bollocks! We should just fire you because I can’t figure anything else out!”

I’m stunned by how badly we are doing at dealing with this very routine event, because if we stop having babies – let’s be clear – we are then living in The Handmaid’s Tale and we have bigger problems.

I’ve been lucky that this hasn’t been my experience, but I know it has been for some women.

As an entrepreneur, I’m in a unique situation where I can make my maternity leave whatever I want – but I also have no sense of what I’m going to feel like, what my baby is going to be like, and what my new life as a Mom is going to look like.

Regardless, planned leave is just like a planned vacation – it’s just that you’re at home getting to know the human you just made from scratch.

Pregnant women (and moms) aren’t breakable.

I have a client that was concerned I wouldn’t be able to fly the moment I announced my pregnancy. (Of course, that’s not the case, and I’ve flown quite a bit and can until about 8 months.)

I would actually argue that pregnant women (and from experience, new moms alike) are unbreakable. Sure, I can’t lift heavy things being pregnant, but I’m feistier than ever and working my tail off for our little one on the way. Also, I think that pregnancy and new moms are that much more keen to prove themselves within the workplace.

Just like many things, I think we need to start making these conversations more of the norm in the workplace…and I love that Sarah and Startup Pregnant are doing just that!

What are your thoughts of pregnancy and new mommin’ in the workplace?

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