You’re not showing up on Google and that needs to change.

we make it simple.

You’re wearing all the hats, and…

you just don’t have time for SEO + copy

Learning what it takes to rank #1 in Google or creating content that converts visitors into customers is a full time job that you just don’t have the time for.

You need to focus on running your business and serving your clients. From SEO and copywriting to ongoing blogging and reporting, we’ll manage your SEO copywriting efforts so you can concentrate on your business.

Which one are you?

I’m a DIYer

You know enough to be dangerous with SEO and blogging, but you still need a little more direction.

Choose from freebies or invest in programs (and yourself) to see the results in your business you’re looking for!

I’m an entrepreneur

You know you need SEO to rank higher…but you have neither the desire nor the time to make it happen on your own.

Plus…writing may or may not be your strong suit, but you have other areas of your business you need to focus on.

I’m an agency owner

No matter whether you’re a web design, development, or marketing agency, you know that offering your clients SEO and copywriting services just makes good business sense.

But you don’t have an in-house SEO, blogger, or copywriter. It’s hard to know who to count on, so get started with a seasoned pro.

Ready to DIY SEO?

Create a robust SEO strategy & become visible on the search engines

If you already downloaded the Ultimate SEO Checklist and need a little more help, this mini-course has your name on it. Walk through the checklist with me and learn how to check each item off the list in under 90 minutes!