Making a Big Move: What I’ve Learned & Why I Love Florida After 6 Years

Six years ago today, I moved to Florida from a comfortable life in Maine.

FL move

I’ve talked about making a big move to Florida before (after one year and after two years), and a little about the ebbs and flows of making a big move and how it was inevitably one of the best things I’ve ever done. But how does that relate to you? Well, let’s delve in, shall we?!

What you should expect from a big move

I had very high expectations when I moved to Florida. I thought it was going to be perfect – that life would just naturally flow and it would be sunshine and rainbows. Boy, was I wrong.

After six months living in Florida (and working from home full-time, mind you), I was ready to pack up and head back to Maine. I was borderline depressed from spending so much time by myself, and leaning on my best friend (and roommate) way too much for companionship. You see, I wasn’t trying to get out there and make new friends. So first things first: you should expect that you need to put in the work to make a new life (and new friends).

As I said, I expected that life would just magically fit into place for me, and I did not put in the work to make a new life for myself at first.

Next: you should expect that you may not love your new home right away. The best advice I can give anyone making a big move is to give your new home a chance for at least 6 months. It will be different from where you came from – and that’s a given! – but we sometimes don’t expect it to take so long to get settled.

Why you should stick out your big move

Now that we’ve covered a few expectations, here’s why you should stick it out (if you’re like me and having a hard time adjusting at first).

There’s a reason you made a move. Whether for a job or, like me, you simply needed a change of scenery, there’s a reason you moved to a new town, state, or even country. Give it a chance, because there are plenty of reasons to fall in love with a new place and new people.

You never know what could come of your move! I mentioned after the two year mark that I likely wouldn’t stay in Florida forever. Little did I know that I’d meet the man of my dreams, who I’m engaged to marry! The point here is: you never know where life will take you…from starting my own business to meeting Dave, I certainly never guessed that I would be where I am today. I’m so thankful that I gave Florida a chance!

What are your best tips about making a big move?

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