I Was Embarrassed to be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

Until recently, I was embarrassed to tell my clients I’m a Stay at Home Mom.

You see, I never wanted to be a SAHM.

I always knew that I wanted to work, even after becoming a Mom. After having Roman and moving to “part time” in my business, I found that I love being at home with him AND being able to work.

Is it hard? Abso-friggen-lutely.

Is it worth it? 1000%.

The professional conundrum for SAHMs

But it’s more than that for me.

I’ve always been a bit of a fanatic about appearing “professional” in my business. Historically, I don’t care for background noise during phone calls and I try to keep everything “just so.”

Because of this, I didn’t share that I stay at home full-time with my son because I didn’t want to appear unprofessional in any way, like I wasn’t fully focused, or fully “in” my business.

So while I’ve avoided the conversation with many clients for about the first 18 months of Roman’s life, more recently I’ve been more transparent with clients and colleagues alike that I’m a Stay at Home Mom and Work from Home Mom.

And, honestly, it’s been incredible.

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3 Surprises When I Started Sharing That I’m a SAHM

My clients and colleagues blew me out of the water when I started being more open about my staying at home. Here are just 3 of the surprises.

1. They get it.

I was so worried that clients would treat me differently, get frustrated when nap time went wonky and Rome had to join us, or find my late night work times and emails odd, but just the opposite happened.

Most of my clients have kids, so they get it. But even those who don’t have kids have been super supportive of our setup and love talking to Rome and making faces at him.

2. What is “part time,” really?

I was so stressed and anxious about appearing only “part time” in my business; but even though I don’t get in as many hours, I’m actually able to focus better on what matters and make just as much.

Plus: who decided on a 40 hour work week anyway?! There is a lot of data around how shorter work weeks actually provide workers with more focus and more productivity!

3. Transparency = trust

I wasn’t thinking about how being transparent about this huge part of my life would actually strengthen the relationships with clients and colleagues I already have (and those I haven’t met yet!) who are also mompreneurs.

Not only does being more open and honest help me feel more “me,” it also helps create conversations with women with setups like mine or women who want to have setups like mine!

So here’s what much of my life looks like: snuggles and playing with my beautiful boy most of the day, and working on growing my amazing business during nap time, bed time, and all the in between time.

Cheers to all the nap time warriors out there. We got this, mamas ❤️

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