Video Search Engine Optimization: A Lesson from Wistia

More and more, video is becoming an integral part of your web marketing campaign. Unfortunately, your video can’t only be a quick, point-and shoot, throw-up-online video; but you also don’t need to purchase a professional camera and camera crew, either.

Start with a great video

Here are some easy tips so that anyone can get started with video:

Have a decent camera. I’ve seen beautiful videos shot from smart phones. Point being: the camera just needs to be decent. Simple test: make sure that your video isn’t grainy.

Don’t shake it. A shaky video is a surefire way to look like an amateur. So it’s an easy fix: invest in a tripod so that you don’t have to rely on a steady hand.

Watch your lighting. Good lighting is another easy fix. Shoot with natural lighting (a cloudy day is best to avoid shadows) or with strong indoor lighting.

Use decent editing software. Again, the keyword is decent. You don’t need super high tech editing software in order to create a great video. There are plenty of great, inexpensive (and even free!) video editors out there.

Get the most out of your video with marketing

Now it’s time to get out there and market your video. For that, we’re going to share this great – you guessed it – video that the folks over at Wistia created.

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