8 Easy Ways to Create Content So You Can Never Say “I Don’t Know What to Blog About” Ever Again!

It’s easy to make excuses when it comes to blogging, and I’m the first to admit: I’ve made them, too! But “I don’t know what to blog about” should not be one of them.

Here are some extremely easy ways to create content so that you never have to stress about your blog again!

1. Recap an article, ebook, or conference

Some people like to take notes anyway (personally, I tend to learn best this way!); why not repackage that content and use it as a blogpost? Add your own thoughts or a little of your own spin, and you’re good to go!

2. Base it off a photo or video

Some days, it’s hard to come up with a blogpost and that’s ok! Why not start a Wordless Wednesday and post something with a few sentences but based on a video or photos.

3. Use your customer’s FAQs

Think about the questions that you get regularly from customers. Since they’re asking you, they’re probably asking them online, too. So what better way to create a post than to use the content (verbal or otherwise) you use regularly?!

4. Answer a customer’s question

I do it all the time:  I’ll create posts based off of a client’s questions, then sent them the link to the post as an answer. This is especially helpful when there are screenshots or videos involved.

Not only do you kill two birds with one stone, but you’ll be able to send the link to future customers, as well.

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5. Use your Google Analytics

This is one of my absolute favorite tricks. Go to your Google Analytics and under Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic, then scroll down through the list of keywords people use to find your website.

Typically near the bottom, you’ll find a ton of long tail keywords (those searches that are typically longer and more complex). I’ve found these are fantastic for blog inspiration!

6. Write about a great story

A great story is powerful, whether it happens to you or someone else. A story that’s relevant to your blog is a unique way to way to make information more meaningful and realistic.

7. Get out your mic and put your Barbara Walters pants on

Similarly, becoming an interviewer and interviewing with someone in your niche is a great way to bring a different type of post to your blog. They could also help bring a new and different audience, as interviewees are typically happy to share an interview to their circles!

8. Cross-reference in your niche

Just because a topic isn’t directly in your field doesn’t mean that it can’t relate. For example, I write a lot about entrepreneurship.

While my business doesn’t train entrepreneurs, I do work with many of them. Point being: write about topics that would be of interest to your readers!

What about you? What are your favorite ways to create easy content?

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