Conversion Centered Design: Major Takeaways from Hubspot’s Free Ebook

I recently read a great Ebook from Hubspot called “Conversion Centered Design.” 

In it, Hubspot gives helpful advice for converting your website’s or your landing page’s visitors by using key design features as well as simple tricks that work. Here are some of my major takeaways from the Ebook.

Design first

Use contrast, color, dominant subject matter, directional cues or pathways (think of when someone is looking at something in a photo, your eye immediately follows their gaze), white space, to help guide your visitor to taking the steps you want to on your landing page

Keep 5 things above the fold in your landing or conversion page

  1. Powerful headline that grabs your readers
  2. Supporting sub-heading
  3. Brief description of benefits with supporting bullets
  4. Call to action
  5. Urgency statement

Don’t be afraid of buzzwords

Certain words are going to be more powerful than others on your landing page, so don’t be afraid to use them!

  • “You” (instead of me/us)
  • “Free”
  • “Because”
  • “Instantly”
  • “New”

Less is more

There is a significant increase in conversions in tests done that compare choices. Typically when presented with too many choices, we get overwhelmed and then give up.

Same goes for the amount of information you ask for in a lead form: only ask for the information you absolutely need.

The takeaway: Offer fewer choices when you’re looking for customers to convert; 3 choices is a great option!

Offer something to get signups

If you’re talking lead generation, then offering something (e.g. an ebook or newsletter, a discount, a drawing or contest entry, etc.) will lead to, well, more leads.

The takeaway: You’re more prone to sign up for something yourself if you get something free out of the deal, right? Same with your potential customers!

Get visitors to quickly take action

If you’ve ever visited a landing page, you may have noticed a lot of “Act fast!” or “Buy now before they’re gone”. They may even show exactly how many items are left (think seats on a plane or seats for a concert or sports game). This technique is using urgency to get the visitor to do what you want them to even quicker. Today, social engagement is also used to help push users over the fence to take action.

Don’t forget about mobile

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep local in mind
  • Design for big calls to action

Test, test, and test some more!

Even if your landing page is converting, it can always be better and result in more conversions. Be willing to do plenty of A/B testing and see what works the best!

Learn even more by downloading the free Ebook from Hubspot today!

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