5 Reasons Why I Love Working From Home

We’ve talked about the woes of working from home and some tips for making telecommuting a better experience.

The truth is, any time someone says to me “Wow, that must be great working from home,” my first inclination is to put it into a more realistic perspective for them. “Yes, it is great…but it has its challenges just like anything else.”

On a more positive note, here are 5 more reasons why working from home is awesome.

1. There’s no dress code

While I think it’s important to wake up and put on fresh clothes…it doesn’t mean you have to put on a business suit. Clean clothes in my book usually means some new yoga pants.

2. You can get things done

While household chores can be a distraction for many telecommuters, I find that doing the laundry or dishes, or even taking a break to do some grocery shopping or hit the gym is a welcome break from work. 15 minutes and then you’re back at it!

3. Catch some morning TV

It’s not an every day occurrence for me, personally, but how many of you who have a 9-5 job wish you could catch “Good Morning America” or “Live! with Kelly and Michael” just once?

4. You can hit snooze

Depending on what time I went to bed the night before, sometimes it’s nice (and important for your body!) to catch a few extra Z’s. I often stay up late working, so that means I can sometimes be later to get up.

5. No commute

While a commute can be a great time to catch up on phone calls or books on tape…it’s also gas and time consuming.

So many of my friends who have to travel an hour to and from work lose two hours extra every day away from their families while their cars guzzle away their paychecks. Meanwhile, the walk from my bedroom to the living room? Free!

Do you work from home? What are your favorite things about it?

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