Why I (Finally) Decided to Create a Home Office & 3 Tips for Making Your Own

Ever since I started working from home almost 6 years ago, I’ve had trouble acclimating to a desk.

I had a desk at first, but when I used it more for storage than for sitting, I decided it wasn’t working out!

Recently, I’ve felt the itch to have a change. I needed to do something creative and home improvement-y, so creating the perfect home office really fit the bill.

We have a spare bedroom that could easily double as an office space, so like any normal woman, I began by scouring Pinterest. (Here were a few favorite finds.)

I knew I wanted a lot of whites mixed with wood and gray tones and pops of mint and coral. I spent several months looking for the right mix of eclectic furnishings and details to put together a dream guest room/office space.

With the help of my handy boyfriend, who both hung everything and built a beautiful headboard for the bed, my sanctuary was complete!

3 Tips for Making Your Perfect Home Office

1. It’s still all about location.

If your home office is going to be in a highly trafficked area, it may not lend itself well to being a working office. Be mindful of the area: is it going to be quiet if you are on a call? or just need to think? Is it going to be easily accessed by little ones or pets that may interrupt your day?

I’m lucky in that my space is tucked away, far enough away from the noise of the house that I can shut the door and have some privacy…or open the door and feel part of daily home goings-on.

2. Spend the time to do it right.

I’m so thankful that I spent all that time picking out just the right touches that I knew I’d love so that the room felt equally comfortable and inspirational for me. It’s truly a place I enjoy spending time…and can therefore get countless hours worth of work done!

Pay special attention to the areas that make sense for you: do you need lots of storage for paperwork? Or are you more like me and just want a fantastically huge monitor? Do you need a big comfy chair? Or is an ergonomic and modern one more your cup of tea?

3. Think long-term. 

Can the space always be a home office or does it need to do double duty (such as mine by being a guest bedroom, too)? Will you always be able to use the office or does it need to transform? (One day when we have kids, I’ll have to give over my office to a little one, but it’s mine for now!)

Now that the workspace is officially complete, it’s time to get to work!

Do you have a home office? What’s your favorite thing about yours?

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