How to Work Outside On Your Lap Top: 3 Issues & Solutions with Working Outside

Those of you who work from home know that it’s slightly less glamorous than your office-working counterparts believe it is. If you don’t figure out a good schedule, workspace, and work ethic, working from home can render you a cabin-fevered, sweatpants-wearing troll.

For me, living in Florida and working from home means two major things: 1) I want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, and 2) I want to be able to work while I do it!

Working outside is a beautiful thing; it can lead to being more relaxed and at ease and, if you’re getting sunshine, Vitamin D can do wonders for your health.

There are several issues working outside, however. Some you may guess, others you may not.

1. The sun is amazing…but not on my computer screen.

Ideally, working out in the sunshine is perfect for reading (on paper or on a non-reflective screen). For those of us who work solely on the computer, however, that’s not always a possibility.

In order to help with the glare of the sun, find a position where you can see your screen. Easy as that. You may find that increasing or decreasing the brightness of your screen will help here, as well.

Also, don’t forget to clean your computer before you head outdoors; there’s nothing like a fingerprinted screen to really obstruct your view.

2. The heat is also amazing…but also not on my computer.

The sunshine feel great, doesn’t it? Well, guess what…your computer disagrees. If you’re sitting in the gorgeous 80 degree summery weather, your lap top’s fan will be kicking into high gear in no time.

Combat this in a few different ways:

  • Give your computer a break by switching between the shade and the sun.
  • Forego your sunshiney spot for something under an umbrella.
  • Better yet, shade your computer but not your body by strategically setting up an umbrella!

3. You don’t have an outdoor space to work

Ideally, your Wifi will work outside of your home. If it doesn’t – or you don’t have an outdoor space around your home – here are a few places to check for a great outside workspace.

  • Community pool: I love working at the pool because often community centers offer Wifi; plus, when you get too warm, you simply take a dip!
  • Cafe with outdoor seating: Another favorite of mine are the local cafes with outdoor areas. Whether you want sunshine or shade under an umbrella…you’ll usually be blessed with both!

These are just a few ways to combat nature a bit to make working outdoors work for you.

Do you enjoy working outside? How do you make it work?

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