How to Set Up & Use Google Search Console to Get Keyword Data in Google Analytics

Since Google Analytics stopped sharing keyword data over the past few years, we have to rely on other methods to gather ranking and clickthrough keyword data. Tools like Moz are great for this, but unfortunately cost money.

Instead, Google offers us a different option, but it involves a bit of set up.

You can use Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) to see (most) of your keyword data.

Why “most”? Unfortunately, we’re starting to see “not set” keywords through this tool, similar to how we started seeing “not provided” keywords in the past. While the number is growing, you can still get a good idea of the keywords people are using to find your website, your average ranking, and Click Through Rate (CTR).

How to set up Google Search Console

To get started, you’ll need to set up a Search Console account for your website. Having this account offers additional benefits like being able to see what errors Google sees on your website and being notified of them immediately.

  1. Go to Google Search Console and click on the red “Add Property” in the top right.
  2. Input your website’s URL and verify using one of the options given.

You’re all done! Feel free to check out some of the options Search Console gives you while you’re here.

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How to connect Search Console to Analytics

Now for the good stuff.

When you go to Acquisition > Search Console > [Any section], you’ll see this screen if Search Console and Analytics are currently not connected.

1. Start by clicking on the “Set up Search Console data sharing” button.

2. When you are redirected to the Admin > Property Settings section, scroll to the bottom and click “Adjust Search Console.”

3. Click “Edit” in Search Console Settings.

4. Once you’re taken to your Google Search Console, choose the property you’d like to associate.

5. Click save at the bottom of the page.

6. Click save again in your Analytics Admin settings.

Now when you go to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries, you should see keyword data!

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