How to Make Social Media A Habit: 4 Ways to Consistently Grow Your Social Strategy

One of the things I am constantly repeating with clients about social media is: you have to make it a habit. 

Without making social media a well-formed habit, you’ll fail at any type of social media marketing campaign.

Do one thing and do it well.

We are big believers in focusing on one social media tool before expanding into others.

To create a habit, you’ll need to become an expert at one platform, then move onto others; otherwise, you’ll more than likely be overwhelmed in the process of trying to establish yourself on all platforms.

So in order to be successful, start small and start with a single social media platform.

Be on the lookout.

Things change over time – especially your content. Be on the lookout for new types of content or interesting industry news that your audience might enjoy.

Also be sure to experiment with different kinds of content.

For example, don’t always just link to your blogposts from your social media account. Experiment by uploading or linking to videos (that you or others have created), incorporating imagery, or even more design (such as Infographics).

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Create an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar not only helps you plan and manage your blog, it also helps you stay organized and accountable.

Setting up your calendar is easy; simply create a spreadsheet using your favorite program. (We love Google Sheets, so that you can share and collaborate with other team members, all while being able to track any changes made.)

Digital editorial calendars are ideal, as you can quickly and easily move post ideas around should there be a more timely post that makes more sense.

Build the habit.

With all the steps taken above, you’ll finally be able to create your social media habit.

It’s important to make social media a habit, as it should be a regular, natural step in every day or every week for your business.

With a habit in place, you’ll be able to focus more on strategy rather than simple implementation.

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