How Important is Usability on Your Website?

We can talk about optimizing a website all day, but you know what’s really important? 


Good usability on your website will give you benefits from every angle: from search engine rankings to visitor conversions, making it one of the most valuable things you can do for your site.

Start with the right platform.

Building your website with usability in mind starts with using the platform that is going to accomplish your goals and accomplish what you need to functionality-wise.

A Content Management System like WordPress might be a good choice. For most companies, it’s large and robust enough for their needs…but others may need something a little different.

Construct your website navigation.

As you’re going through a web building process, creating the right website navigation structure is key to usability. Think long and hard about how your target audience is going to navigate your website and what makes the most sense for the pages you create.

Decrease your loading speed.

Load time is critical for the success of your site and your overall usability.

Think about it: when you go to a website that takes more than 10 seconds to load (eons in website load speed time), how long do you stick around before eventually leaving for greener pastures?

Your customers do the exact same thing, so make sure that your loading speed to short.

Create accessibility for everyone.

Accessibility is a real issue. Think of all of the people out there who have vision and hearing disabilities…and they may very well be your potential customers too.

Be mindful and empathetic of those people as you build out and plan your website. Make your site accessible to everyone.

Get clear on reaching your target audience online

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