How to Rebrand Your Facebook Business Page (Without Having to Create a New Page)

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Whether you’re changing your business name, your last name, or simply rebranding, here’s how to rebrand your Facebook business page (without having to create a whole new page).

In the example below, I changed everything from our old red vine web studio brand to the new rebranded simple sprout studio on Facebook.

Stay cohesive

If you’re changing the name of your business or simply your name on your Facebook page, start by staying cohesive on all platforms.

Double check that the page name/URL is available on all social media platforms so that you can stay cohesive and consistent. You can do this with a simple search of your desired name.

Tip: You can also use a tool like to auto-check the platforms for you.

Edit Facebook Page Info

Start by going to your Facebook business page and navigate on the lefthand menu to “Edit Page Info.”

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Edit Business Name

Simply click on your business name to edit and make any changes, then submit. Make sure you review Facebook’s Page Name Guidelines prior to changing your name.

Also, note that you can only change your business name once every 7 days.

Tip: Since my business name is all lowercase, I originally had to submit as “Simple sprout studio.” A week later, I resubmitted and was able to get the name in lowercase.

Edit Page Username

Don’t forget to also change your Facebook page username, so you have a unique and easy-to-find URL.

You’ll find the username right below your business name. Similar to the name, simply edit the username and submit.

Wait for approval

You may potentially need to wait for approval of your new business name; but in this case, my page name was approved in just a few seconds. This process is much quicker than it once was!

In addition, Facebook will notify anyone who currently likes your page that there was name change.

Don’t forget all your branding

Since you’re rebranding, chances are that you’ll have new imagery, as well.

Don’t forget to switch out profile images and cover photos!

Pro Tip

For an easy DIY solution, check out Canva for easy-to-create branded imagery.

Have you ever rebranded a Facebook page? Did you struggle or did you find it simple?

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