7 Business Ideas for Mompreneurs & Stay at Home Moms

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Whether you chose to be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) or COVID brought you home with your kid(s), one thing is true: more of us than ever are working (and momming) from home.

It’s no secret that being a Mom is hard, but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences we will ever have.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t yearn for more. After all, you’re more than just “Mom.”

If you’ve longed for fulfilling your passion(s), giving back and serving a community, and supporting your family financially, then Mompreneuring is for you.

And now, it’s easier than ever to do it all: stay home with your kids and fulfill your dreams. (Read more about the working stay at home mom conundrum.)

Mompreneurs vs. Entrepreneurs

Mompreneuring is unique in that you already have a full-time job as a Stay at Home Mom. No matter how old your children are, you’re already wearing a ton of hats at home.

But you want more out of life, which is why turning to entrepreneurship just makes sense.

Here’s what makes mompreneuring special:

  • You don’t have the ability to work a traditional 40 hour per week full-time schedule…nor should you have to! (Spoiler alert: you can still be successful and make a great income by working part-time!)
  • You need a flexible job that allows you to work at any time, anywhere.
  • You need very little overhead and/or financial investment to get started.
  • You need a DIY solution that works with your skill set and needs.

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7 Business Ideas for Mompreneurs

If you’re curious where to start as a SAHM who wants to work during nap time, bed time, and in-between times, then read on for inspiration!

1. Coaching

I know, I know. It seems like every Mom and her sister has become some sort of coach.

And why? Because it’s working. People need coaches in their lives to help them with an assortment of challenges, from weight loss to finding purpose in life to business.

Some of the opportunities to be had may involve additional training or certification, or they may involve working in conjunction with an MLM or other similar agency.

Here are some coaching business ideas:

  • Business coach
  • Career coach
  • Fitness coach
  • Life coach
  • Nutrition coach
  • Wellness coach

2. Digital Marketing

This one is certainly near and dear to my heart…because it’s what I do!

I can’t even begin to explain the joy that the flexibility, creativity, and value this work gives me…and it can for you too.

Depending on your interest, there are a ton of opportunities for digital marketing mompreneur jobs. To a lesser degree is the experience or expertise you need to have, simply because of the amount of digital marketing training out there.

Here are some digital marketing business ideas:

  • Email marketer
  • Search engine ad manager
  • Search engine marketer
  • Social media marketer
  • Social media ad manager
  • Web designer
  • Web developer

A great place to get started with digital marketing and find clients is by using a freelance service like Upwork.

3. Writing

Similarly, writers are needed in all shapes and forms by businesses.

If writing has always come easily to you – or maybe you were an English major! – then this could be the perfect way to harness your creativity and make an income from what you love.

Here are some writing business ideas:

  • Author
  • Blogger
  • Business Plan Writer
  • Copyeditor
  • Ghost writer
  • Grant writer
  • Proofreader
  • SEO copywriter
  • Technical copywriter

Writers can also use Upwork to get connected with awesome clients.

4. Creating

If you’re a born creator, then the opportunities are endless for you.

Perhaps you are an artist at heart and want to sell your paintings, drawings, and other artwork. Or maybe you’ve perfected the art of doing something (literally, it could be anything!) and you want to create a course around it or want to start a blog where you use affiliate marketing to make residual income.

Here are some creative business ideas:

5. Multi-Level Marketing

An MLM is a great place to start if you want to sell a product but don’t have the bandwidth for a financial investment on your own. These days, they’re a no-risk solution for becoming your own boss.

If you’re not sure what I mean by Multi-Level Marketing, think of the Beachbodies and Arbonnes of the world.

When aligned with your own passions and ideals, MLMs can be a great way to make extra income and they provide complete flexibility. Plus, in general, you get what you put into them, so you’re able to pick and choose how much you work.

Here are some Multi-Level Marketing companies to consider:

  • Arbonne
  • Beachbody
  • Beautycounter
  • doTerra
  • Mary Kay
  • Pampered Chef
  • Rodan + Fields
  • Usborne Books
  • Young Living

6. Selling

If selling is more your jam, the opportunities are endless here too. Get creative with what you already have – or what you can make! – and get to selling!

Here are some selling business ideas:

  • Use affiliate marketing on social media on your blog and make a commission by selling products you believe in. Search for your favorite brands + affiliate and see if they offer a program!
  • Resell items on eBay – sell gently used items or purchases from Goodwill on eBay for a profit
  • Sell homemade or baked goods (sell on Facebook, using ConvertKit with email marketing, and/or on Etsy)

7. Service-Based Business

If you love working with your hands or providing a service to customers, this option may be best for you.

This job also may require getting out of the house and in-person with clients, so consider that, depending on childcare needs.

Here are some service-based business ideas:

  • Accounting or bookkeeping
  • Cleaning
  • Daycare
  • Event or wedding planner
  • Gardening or landscaping
  • Home healthcare
  • Interior design or home staging
  • IT or coding
  • Personal chef or catering
  • Personal trainer
  • Photography
  • Professional organizer
  • Tutoring
  • Virtual assistant

The possibilities are endless for Mompreneurs and your entrepreneurial journey is ready to start right now!

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