Blogposts Made Simple: What to do Before, During, and After You Post

I have a feeling about you.

I have a feeling that you have wanted, at one point or another, to blog. Am I right?!

Whether you have tried before and gotten bogged down by the time commitment or you have always wanted to blog and get nervous to start, there is a blogger hiding deep inside you somewhere.

Today, I’ve got some awesome tips to help get you started (or re-started) on your blog journey.

A lot of the blogging questions I hear are about logistics: how many, how often, and what to include.

I get it…blogging can be super overwhelming; but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what to do before, during, and after you post.

What to do Before You Publish Your Blogpost

1. Research top keywords

Using the right keywords is a no brainer for blogging because organic search is one of the BEST ways to bring visitors to your website. Use a tool like Ubersuggest to search for awesome keyword ideas.⁠

2. Research similar posts

Have a topic idea, but aren’t sure where to go next? Google a working title for your post and see what comes up. If the top results are for “The top 10 ideas for…” then shoot for “The top 15 ideas for…”⁠

3. Consider the right format

Not all blogs are created equally and they are just as much about awesome keywords and content as they are about formatting. Use plenty of headers, bullets, and numbered lists to break up the content so it’s easy to read!⁠

What to Include in Your Blogpost

1. Image

Choose an engaging image that aligns with your post. In a perfect world, the image is one you took or is unique for your business. However, there are plenty of non-stock stock photography options available these days!⁠

2. Infographic, video, or other content

This one’s a bonus. This type of content can engage your audience even more, and take your post to the next level. It’s also a great way to repurpose things like videos or podcasts.⁠

3. Call-to-action

This is the one most bloggers forget…but is the most important for your success. 😱

Tell readers what to do next: subscribe to emails, download a freebie, contact you for your services, make an affiliate purchase. Obviously you’ll find your own unique way to make your CTA flow (without being too salesy), but it’s critical to give readers the next step.⁠

What to do After You Publish Your Blogpost

1. Pin your post

Create 5-10 unique pins for your blogpost on Pinterest to drive traffic from the social media network (that doubles as a search engine!).⁠

2. Share on social and email

Share a post and link to your blogpost from all your social media accounts and your email list. Create a post or send out a unique email with a little more information, then link to your post for even more value.⁠

3. Measure

Watch your Google Analytics and Search Console data to see if your post is getting the search engine rankings and traffic you’re looking for. Tweak the post accordingly depending on how the post is performing.

Where do you struggle the most in the blog process? 

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