5 Reasons Why SEO is Like Working Out

If you regularly exercise, you know that it takes deep motivation, commitment, and consistency to meet your fitness goals or see any positive changes in your body.

Exercise itself isn’t hard to understand. It’s quite simple, in fact. Move your body more and you’ll look and feel better.

SEO is similar: it’s not hard to understand. Take steps to optimize your website and you’ll rank better.

Committing to consistent exercise and SEO, however, is a far different story.

Just like consistent exercise, committing to ongoing Search Engine Optimization is a big challenge. But that’s not the only time SEO and fitness share similarities.

Let’s dive into five reasons why SEO is like working out.

5 Reasons Why SEO is Like Working Out

1. You’ll need to get educated

Whether you’re working with a trainer, learning online, or taking a group class, none of us are born innately knowing safe ways to lift weights. We have to learn.

Similarly, we all have to learn how to properly optimize our websites. Whether you learn from a professional or take a course, take the steps necessary to get educated about SEO.

2. You’ll need to warm up

Just like warming up to exercise, it’s important to flex the muscles you plan to use. I love this for SEO too, since it doesn’t need to be a fast approach to see success.

In other words, SEO is about the long game, so warming up with simple steps will undoubtedly help establish a habit that will help you find long-term growth.

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3. You’ll need to switch it up

Weight lifting, running, Zumba, yoga, pilates. Sticking with any one workout for too long will not only be boring, but undoubtedly ensure you hit a plateau with the changes you see.

The same goes for SEO. Switching it up between optimizing keywords on your website with content optimization on your blog with link building tactics are all great ways to keep your SEO efforts moving along.

4. You’ll need to know consistency beats inconsistency

Consistency with workouts is what matters. You could exercise every day for 10-15 minutes a day and see way more success than if you only work out for an hour once a week.

Similarly, consistency is important for SEO. Doing a little bit here and there consistently over time can be far more valuable than one-time work.

5. You’ll need to review what’s working and what isn’t

When the scale is staying the same when you’re working to lose weight or you’re not seeing your muscles tone as you work out, it’s time to assess what you’re doing and change it for the better.

It’s no different in SEO. When your rankings or organic search traffic aren’t improving, it’s time to take a look at what’s working and what isn’t.

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