3 Reasons Why Your Blogposts are All About the Title

Think about the last time you Googled something. What was the main reason you clicked on the result you did?

My guess? An expertly crafted title.

The title of any webpage — including your blogposts — shows up as the blue (or purple, once you click it) link from a search engine results page.

When the title of your post is clickable, well optimized, give the reader exactly what they want, you’re now well on your way to creating readers (and even customers) for life.

If you’re having trouble creating focused, interesting, and clickable blogpost titles, read on…this one’s for you.

Here are three reasons why your blogposts are all about the title.

1. Great blogposts titles are clickable

It’s no surprise why sites like BuzzFeed are so successful; they feature some of the most clickable titles around.

This concept is far from clickbait (or posts that intentionally get users to click in exchange for content that does not match), it’s simply making your content look as desirable as possible.

So what can you do?

Here’s an example

Instead of “The Top Ways to Make Sales in Your Business,” let’s get more specific by giving the reader the clear number of ways they’ll walk away with…

“The Top 10 Ways to Make Sales in Your Business”

But let’s get even more specific with who we’re talking to…

“The Top 10 Ways to Make Sales in Your Coaching Business”

And now let’s make it a show-stopping and clickable…

“The Top 10 Non-Sleazy Ways to Make Sales in Your Coaching Business”

So we went from “The Top Ways to Make Sales in Your Business” to “The Top 10 Non-Sleazy Ways to Make Sales in Your Coaching Business.”

If you’re a coach, which one would you click on?!

Take action

1. Go through this process with each and every post you create. How can your title be:

▷ More specific with what the reader will walk away with?
▷ Specific regarding who you’re talking to?
▷ Add some oomph to make it a show stopping post title?

2. Also, consider brainstorming multiple blogpost title ideas — I’m talking 10+, even 20+ post titles — then pick the one that’s the best!

2. Great blogposts titles are well optimized

To this day, the title of your page (and your post) are the most important places to put your keywords.

This is a major ranking factor for search engines — which want to understand what your page is about — and important for searchers, who are looking for pages and posts that match their query.

You saw earlier how imperative it is to capture attention right from the search results page. And if that’s not enough…

You have a 434% increased chance of ranking in the search engines when you have a blog

Tech Client

Take action

Incorporate the keywords your audience is searching for by spending just a few minutes prior to writing to do some keyword research.

Use a great keyword research tool like Ubersuggest to research topics and settle on the right option for your post.

Then, incorporate the keywords throughout your post (and don’t forget to include them in the title too!)

3. Great blogposts titles deliver

To reiterate: your blogpost titles should never, ever use clickbait.

Instead, your blogpost titles should give readers insight into exactly what they’re going to get when they click.

▷ What will they walk away with?
▷ What will they learn?
▷ How will your post help get them from where they are to where they want to be?

Here’s what’s even cooler: your calls-to-action can come along for this journey too.

Take action

Give this a try: start reverse engineering your blogposts.

Start with the call-to-action in mind. Maybe it’s calling you or filling out a contact form, maybe it’s signing up for a freebie and getting on your email list, maybe it’s purchasing your course or product.

Now reverse engineer it: what’s a person who’s in the market to [fill in the blank: call, buy, sign up, etc.] interested in right now? What are the Googling? What are they wondering about? What do they need to learn to make that final decision?

Now craft your blogpost (and the title!) around it!

Want better SEO rankings for your blog?

Your blogpost titles can help you get them. 

Your blogpost title is about 50% of your battle when it comes to both optimizing your blogpost and enticing searchers to click on it.  

That’s the power of the title. 

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