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A Simple Lead Generation Content Flow That’ll Have You Jumping for Joy

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Looking for a simple lead generation content flow that works?

This is it.

I call it: The Simple Freebie Flow

If you’re aimlessly creating content that feels disconnected, out of alignment, and totally sporadic, this gem is for you.

Try this content flow on for size:

Pinterest Ad ➡️ Freebie ➡️ Email List ➡️ Blogposts

The Simple Freebie Flow

Let’s break down the The Simple Freebie Flow:

simple freebie flow

1️⃣ Pinterest* Ad

Create an engaging graphic and promote it on Pinterest to drive leads to your perfect freebie.

*Or your platform of choice. Pinterest is great if you’re like me and you want to work with mostly women. However, always test the platform to make sure it works for your audience!

2️⃣ Freebie

Your freebie should be the perfect fit for your audience, giving them exactly what they need right before they need your offer or to work with you.

Freebies can be almost anything: an infographic, download or whitepaper, challenge, masterclass, etc.

Here’s an example of one of my freebies for reference:

ultimate blogpost checklist
Not sure what to include in your blogposts?

This checklist has you covered. In the Ultimate Blogpost Checklist, you’ll get a step-by-step look at everything you’ll need for each post you create. Use it every time you post to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

3️⃣ Email List

Access to your freebie should be given after visitors submit a simple form (name + email) to add them to your email list. (I love ConvertKit for landing pages and emails.)

Need a powerful email provider?

ConvertKit is my go-to for all things landing pages, email marketing, and now…sales! The best part? ConvertKit makes everything easy and user-friendly…no need to know any code!

Bonus ✨ Ensure you have an automatic drip campaign set up specifically to engage new leads to this freebie.

4️⃣ Blogposts

Create unique and engaging content on your blog every week. Then, use that content to create new emails for your list, sending them back to your blog (and back to your website).

Wanna know the best part about this Freebie Flow?

You only have to create steps 1-3 ONCE. Yes, ONE TIME.

The only ongoing content you’re responsible for (that will ultimately continue to engage your growing list) is your blog. Everything else comes from your blog content!

Ready to make content creation simple?

Blog Babe™️ Success School proves that content creation doesn’t need to be complicated.

You’ll learn how to combine the power of the energy around you (and within you) with a structure and process that works.

Not only will you create aligned content, but you’ll do it faster and have time for the rest you need (and deserve).

blog babe tm success school

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