How to Assess if Your SEO Company is Really Helping You (& What You Can Do Instead)

Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in the digital marketing strategy for your business. You want to make sure the company that you’ve entrusted with SEO is actually helping you achieve your goals.

However, with many companies claiming to offer the best SEO services in the market, how can you know if they are really helping you?

This post aims to guide you through the process of evaluating the effectiveness of your SEO company. We’ll also discuss why having an in-house team could have an edge over outsourcing your SEO efforts.

How to Assess if Your SEO Company is Really Helping You

Assess the Results

The primary metric you should be tracking is the organic traffic to your website. Your SEO company should be increasing the visitors to your site through improved search engine ranking. If your company is not working on these basics, it’s a sign that they may not be delivering the results you want.

Most importantly, take a look at the conversion rates on your website. If you’re receiving traffic but have few conversions or few purchases, it’s a sign that your SEO company is not targeting the right audience.

Request a Case Study

Ask your SEO partner for a specific case study or portfolio of previous clients. Look for those with similar industries, similar goals, and similar budgets to evaluate their performance.

Ensure that they have the results you are looking for with examples of improving engagement, increasing leads, and skyrocketing sales.

Ask for Regular Reports

Your SEO partner should provide periodic reports that measure the progress and effectiveness of their strategies. If they’re not providing regular reports or if their reports are too complex to understand, there’s a chance that they have something to hide.

Not Seeing Success? Try These Options!

Not seeing success with your SEO firm? There are other options.

Hire an Expert SEO Team

Alternatively, if you prefer to continue outsourcing your SEO but are dissatisfied with your current provider, consider hiring an SEO expert. This option allows you to tap into specialized skills and knowledge, while freeing up your internal resources for other areas of your business.

Consider an In-House Team

While SEO outsourcing can bring in short-term benefits, you may consider bringing the efforts in-house to gain control over the process. With an in-house team, you can monitor and assess the progress, make changes rapidly, and ensure that your SEO strategy aligns with your overall business strategy.

Not sure how to assess your team’s SEO skills?

When you’re not an SEO guru, it can feel impossible to assess the skills you don’t have.

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Having an effective SEO strategy is vital in your digital marketing efforts. Often, companies outsource this effort to a third-party SEO company to save time and cost. However, evaluating the effectiveness of the SEO company is often challenging. It’s crucial to assess the result, request a case study, and ask for regular reports.

If you decide to hire an expert or build an in-house team, ensure that they have the skills, experience, and tools necessary to manage your SEO efforts successfully. Remember, an effective SEO strategy is a long-term investment, and with the right team, tools, and patience, the ROI can be massive.

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