How to Build a High-Performing SEO Team: The CEO’s Guide to Hire, Train & Retain Top Talent

A robust SEO strategy isn’t just nice to have – it’s a critical component of your business’s success. But as any CEO knows, the backbone of any successful SEO strategy is the people behind it. 

Building a team that’s not only talented but also high-performing, collaborative, and innovative can seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry! With the right approach to hiring, training, and retaining, you can assemble an SEO dream team that propels your company to new heights.

The Current State of SEO Talent

First off, it’s no secret that SEO professionals are in high demand. These magical unicorns possess a unique blend of analytical prowess, creativity, and technical know-how. But what really sets top talent apart is their perpetual curiosity and adaptability – SEO is always changing, after all.

How to Attract Top SEO Talent

To catch the eye of these rare humans, your company needs to stand out. Competitive salaries and benefits (or competitive rates for part-time employees or VAs) are a given, but what about the perks that speak to the SEO soul? 

Flexibility, remote working options, and a clear path for career progression can make your company irresistible. And don’t forget about reaching out through the right channels – niche job boards, LinkedIn, and industry meetups are your best friends here.

3 Steps to Effective Onboarding for SEO Teams

Got a great VA or SEO pro in the door? Great! Now, make them never want to leave. 

A smooth onboarding process is key. Introduce them to the culture, set clear expectations, and get them hands-on with your current SEO strategies as soon as possible. But it’s not just about the work; making them feel part of the team from day one is crucial for their long-term commitment and success.


The learning never stops in SEO. Offering ongoing training and development opportunities not only keeps your team’s skills sharp but also shows you’re invested in their growth. 

Whether it’s in-house workshops, external conferences, or access to the latest SEO tools and resources, keep your team learning and evolving. And remember, a team that learns together grows together.

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Now, for the million-dollar question: how do you keep these SEO stars shining? It boils down to understanding their motivations and meeting their needs. 

Regular check-ins, opportunities for advancement, and a culture that rewards innovation and hard work go a long way. Recognize their achievements, challenge them with new opportunities, and above all, listen to them.


Last but certainly not least, the secret sauce to a high-performing SEO team is a strong culture of collaboration and growth. 

Encourage open communication, teamwork, and collective problem-solving. Celebrate your wins, learn from the losses, and maintain an environment where everyone feels valued and understood.

Creating a top-notch SEO team isn’t just about hiring the right people; it’s about nurturing their growth, fostering a supportive and innovative environment, and keeping them engaged for the long haul. For CEOs, investing in your SEO team is one of the smartest moves you can make – after all, they’re the ones driving your company’s visibility, engagement, and, ultimately, sales.

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