You want to make a difference (and money) with your blog…

It’s pointless to blog without SEO

Whether you’re a new blogger or a pro, Search Engine Optimization should be central to everything you create.

If your blog or website isn’t showing up in the search engines or you’re not getting the traffic or rankings you know you’re capable of, you’re in the right place.

Picture this: you’re blogging after you’ve learned the simple steps you need to take each and every time you create content. Your Google rankings are improving and you’re getting more organic search traffic than ever. Better yet: that traffic is converting — into downloads, contact forms, purchases.

This can be your reality, dear blogger.

No longer will you have to…

👎 Feel overwhelmed with how to market your blog to the right readers

👎 Spend countless hours on social media or countless dollars on ads, attempting to drive more traffic to your blog

👎 Wonder how to optimize your blog and what keywords you should be using

Picture this instead

There’s a better way to optimize

You’re already creating valuable blog content that your target audience will love. Now you just need the Search Engine Optimization background to optimize that content, and you’ll:

✨ Finally be able to focus on clear strategic marketing for your blog (spoiler alert: it’s SEO!)

✨ Spend focused time doing what you love: creating content and implementing your newfound SEO skills along the way

✨ Feel comfortable with SEO principles and how to use them in order to see the success you’ve worked so hard for

Finally…a Course to Prove It’s Pointless to Blog without SEO

Create an Optimized Blog in 12 Easy Steps

Introducing the only SEO course you’ll need for your blog (or website): Create An Optimized Blog in 12 Easy Steps. 

This course proves that you shouldn’t even think about blogging unless you’re going to optimize it for the search engines.

You’ll get valuable, easy-to-follow, and proven steps for each and every aspect of your blog to start gaining traction in the search engines.

This course is simple, actionable, and proven

But don’t just take my word for it.

What you’ll learn in the course

Learn how to implement a comprehensive SEO plan for your blog with each and every piece of content you create.

You’ll be guided by SEO and blogging expert, Nicki Ong, and will learn the tools you need to get started with blog optimization right away!

Module 1

SEO Setup

Before we dive too deep into SEO tactics, it’s important to have a strong foundation. Whether you’re just starting out or have had a blog for a while, you’ll be happy to Before you start in on SEO tactics, it’s critical to get your website or blog set up the right way. Clean websites and code ensure the best possible SEO results. 

Steps in this module include:

1. Own your domain
2. SEO friendly platform
3. DIY or hire for your build
4. Set up for success

Module 2

Basic Optimization

Now it’s time for the fun stuff…finding the right keywords for your unique audience. (Oh, and where in the world to put them!)

As a blogger, you have the unique opportunity to use keywords to help your readers not only find your content, but give them exactly what they’re looking for.

Steps in this module include:

5. Choose keywords
6. Long tail keywords
7. Optimize titles
8. Optimize posts + links

Module 3

Upleveled Optimization

In the last module, we’re taking everything you’ve learned and stepping it up a notch (or two).

You’ll get a look at how to take SEO even further, by leveraging call-to-action opportunities and gaining more incoming links. Both tactics will take you from the minor leagues to pro SEO blogger. 🤩

Steps in this module include:

9. Optimize images
10. Optimize categories
11. Call-to-action
12. Acquire links

Plus…amazing bonuses!


Bonus 13th Step, SEO Checklist + Resource Guide ($197 value)

Between arguably the most important step in the course (#13!) and both a simple checklist and resource guide, you’ll be no match for the search engines. These bonus materials will help you solidify everything you’ve learned and will consistently guide you through your SEO blogging process.


13 Blogging Time Hacks for Mompreneurs ($79 value)

“I have so much time on my hands” said no Mom ever. By paying in full for the course, you’ll enjoy another incredible bonus: blogging time hacks for mompreneurs! This bonus gives mom bloggers everywhere 13 tangible tips to make blogging actually happen (and not just something else you dream about).


120 Must-Read Blogpost Title Ideas Your Readers Can’t Help But Click ($97 value)

Writer’s block is a very real issue every blogger faces…but no longer after this amazing bonus! By purchasing the course in the next 3 DAYS, you’ll also receive 120 plug and play blogpost title ideas that you can keep creating around for blogpost after blogpost.

This course is simple, actionable, and proven

But don’t just take my word for it.

Hi, I’m Nicki.

I’m super passionate about helping fellow female and mom entrepreneurs succeed online. I’ll be leading you through this SEO blogging course and I’m psyched you’re here with me.

Over the past 14+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs show up in the search engines and be found by their ideal audience.

Think of me as your marketing therapist. 

I’m not just a content and SEO expert; I’m also a mama, wife, writer, creative, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, author-to-be, red wine lover, Scorpio, and eternal optimist. One could say I’m multi-passionate.

Proven Results

This is how we roll.

We use simple, proven, and actionable SEO tactics to get real results.

100%+ increase

for relevant organic traffic

top 3 results

from Google page 5+ to page 1

307% increase

in contact form submissions

Create an Optimized Blog in 12 Easy Steps

I know that as a busy blogger and entrepreneur, you’re already making a big time and energy investment in your life’s work, passion project, and/or business. 

That’s why an investment in this course is so important.

It’s simply not worth the time creating blog content if you’re not using SEO to optimize it for the search engines.

This actionable and affordable course has the ability to help you get from where you are to where you want to be quickly and easily.

As a reminder, here’s everything you’ll get in the mini-course:

✓ Create an Optimized Blog in 12 Easy Steps ($1500 value)
✓ Course Bonus: 13th Step ($49 value)
✓ Course Bonus: SEO Checklist ($99 value)
✓ Course Bonus: Resource Guide ($49 value)
✓ Pay in Full Bonus: 13 Blogging Time Hacks for Mompreneurs ($79 value)
✓ Fast Action Bonus: 120 Must-Read Blogpost Title Ideas Your Readers Can’t Help But Click ($97 value)

1 simple payment

$1,873 Total Value

Your Price: $249

Get immediate access to the entire course + bonuses

+ Pay in Full Bonus: 13 Blogging Time Hacks for Mompreneurs

+ Fast Action Bonus (in the next 3 DAYS!): 120 Must-Read Blogpost Title Ideas

3-pay option

$1,697 Total Value

Your Price: $99/month for 3 months

Each module is available after each monthly payment.

This course is simple, actionable, and proven

But don’t just take my word for it.

Money back guarantee

Put all the steps into place (and show me that you have), and still don’t see an increase in traffic or rankings on your blog within 3 months?

I’ll give you your money back.

That means there’s no risk in taking the course!


Who is this course for? 

▷ Almost a blogger: You’ve been wanting to create a blog, but aren’t sure what it entails. (Everything included is easy to understand for the newbie!)

▷ Experienced blogger: You have a blog, but haven’t been optimizing it

▷ Pro SEO blogger: You have a blog and you’ve been optimizing it, but you want to confirm you’re doing right and everything you can SEO-wise

Who is this course NOT for? 

▷ New bloggers who want to learn how to build their own blog

▷ Pro bloggers who also have established SEO practices in place.

What will I learn?

▷ What blogging is and what it isn’t (because, believe it or not, we don’t all have the same definition).

▷ What is Search Engine Optimization and how does it affect your blog and your success?

12 simple, actionable, DIY friendly steps to be successful with SEO on your blog.

What is the time commitment?

You’ll need at least 3 hours to complete the course, then time to complete each of the steps on your own.

How long until I see results?

While every blog is different, taking proactive SEO measures can actually cause an immediate decrease in rankings and traffic. (Think of it this way: you’ve just made some big changes on your website and Google wants to make sure you’re still “you,” and haven’t been hacked or bought out by a random company.)

In general, after following these steps, many of the websites I’ve optimized start seeing positive results in under a month. To be safe, however, please expect up to 3 months for Google (and the other search engines) to catch up to your awesomeness.

Any more questions? You can reach me at