What if your audience could find you on Google without…

You know you need SEO to be found online.

You might have heard of Search Engine Optimization, but you have no idea where to start. You’re a self starter and a DIY entrepreneur, so you really want to be able to optimize yourself.

But the reality is: you’re nowhere to be found on Google and that needs to change…like, yesterday.

Higher rankings and growing organic traffic don’t need to be the stuff of dreams — they can be your reality.

Imagine this: you suddenly know how to make small, significant changes to your website or blog in order to make drastic improvements in your search engine rankings and organic search traffic.

Trust me, dear entrepreneur, it’s not too good to be true.

No longer will you have to…

👎 Wonder where to start with SEO because every “expert” piece of advice you read says something different

👎 Get confused making updates because you feel technologically challenged

👎 Stress, give up, and have to pay someone to handle SEO for you

Picture this instead

There’s a better way to optimize

You already have the business knowhow and savvy DIY mentality to optimize your website or blog. Now you just need a strategic plan, where you’ll:

✨ Finally understand that SEO doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, small changes made over the course of time will give you the positive momentum you’ve been craving.

✨ Get clear steps to take that will start improving your organic search rankings and traffic.

✨ Still get to “Do It Yourself” because, let’s face it, you’re the type of entrepreneur that likes to get her hands dirty. (Plus, if you can understand it and teach it, your team can take it over later!)

Finally…a Mini-Course to Prove You’ve Got What It Takes to DIY with SEO

The Ultimate SEO Checklist Mini-Course

This course proves that SEO doesn’t need to be complicated.

You’ll follow along on a crystal-clear, easy-to-follow Ultimate SEO Checklist, as you also get clear on SEO priorities for your website.

Along the way, you’ll get step-by-step simple tutorials for how to accomplish each step in the checklist.

This course is simple, actionable, and proven

But don’t just take my word for it.

What you’ll learn in the mini-course

Learn how to create a robust SEO strategy, start ranking on the search engines, and reach your ideal audience using the Ultimate SEO Checklist.

Walk through the checklist in a comprehensive video training with SEO expert Nicki Ong and learn how to check each item off your SEO list in under 90 minutes!

Lesson 01

Website Setup

Before you start in on SEO tactics, it’s critical to get your website or blog set up the right way. Clean websites and code ensure the best possible SEO results. 

Lesson 02

Technical SEO

Find out and ensure that your technical SEO is working for you.

Lesson 03

Keyword Research

Now it’s time for some fun: what is your target audience searching for online? Here’s where you’ll find out.

Lesson 04

Keyword Optimization

Keywords don’t mean anything unless they go in the right places. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to prioritize where they’ll go.

Lesson 05

Content Optimization

It’s not just your website you need to optimize…it’s your content too. From your blog to emails to videos to social media and beyond, there are a ton of opportunities for content optimization.

Lesson 06

Off Page Optimization

Now that you’ve optimized your website and content, what steps can you take off your website?

Lesson 07

Ongoing SEO

Your work isn’t quite done yet…SEO involves ongoing work that you’ll need to invest time and energy into. 

Plus…amazing bonuses!

Ultimate SEO Checklist ($99 value)

This instant checklist download will be your guide throughout the mini-course. Come back to it again and again and you ensure you’re optimizing the best you can.

3 Reasons Why SEO is a No Brainer for Your Blog ($149 value)

Once you’ve completed this video training, there will be no questions as to why you should be using SEO for your blog. (In fact, you’ll be inspired to finally start that blog too!)

5 Unbelievable Benefits of Mindful Entrepreneurship ($229 value)

Not only does mindfulness need a place in business; it needs a front row seat. Learn 5 powerful benefits of mindful entrepreneurship in this video training…plus how to implement them.

Hi, I’m Nicki.

I’m super passionate about helping fellow female and mom entrepreneurs succeed online. I’ll be leading you through this SEO checklist mini-course and I’m psyched you’re here with me.

Over the past 14+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs show up in the search engines, rank higher, and be found by their ideal audience.

Think of me as your marketing therapist. 

I’m not just a content and SEO expert; I’m also a mama, wife, writer, creative, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, author-to-be, red wine lover, Scorpio, and eternal optimist. One could say I’m multi-passionate.

Proven Results

This is how we roll.

We use simple, proven, and actionable SEO tactics to get real results, and teach you to do the same.

Using both SEO and blogging, this client saw a 820% increase in relevant organic search traffic
This client saw over a 307% increase in conversions thanks to ongoing SEO and blogging

820%+ increase

for relevant organic traffic

top 3 results

from Google page 5+ to page 1

307% increase

in contact form submissions

The Ultimate SEO Checklist Mini-Course

I know that as a busy entrepreneur, you’re already making a big time and energy investment in your life’s work, passion project, and/or business. 

That’s why an investment in this mini-course is so important.

You’re a DIYer – and that’s admirable – but you still need a little help.

That’s why this quick (under 90 minutes when watched in total!) and effective Ultimate SEO Checklist is perfect: you can still DIY and also get the results you need!

As a reminder, here’s everything you’ll get in the mini-course:

✓ Ultimate SEO Checklist Mini-Course ($449 value)
✓ Ultimate SEO Checklist digital download ($99 value)
✓ 3 Reasons Why SEO is a No Brainer for Your Blog training ($149 value)
✓ 5 Unbelievable Benefits of Mindful Entrepreneurship training ($229 value)
Total Value: $926
Regular Price: $149

Your Price: $49


Who is this course for? 

This mini-course is for bloggers, new entrepreneurs, and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

▷ You’re the ultimate DIYer (and SEO is no exception)

▷ You’re ready to start driving traffic to your website

▷ You’re ready to make an impact (and an income)

Who is this course NOT for? 

This mini-course is not intended for SEO pros or those who have a super strong SEO foundation.

What will I learn?

You’ll get the exact steps you need to have a robust SEO strategy for your website. This Ultimate Checklist ensures you’re doing everything necessary to be visible on the search engines.

What is the time commitment?

You’ll need at least 90 minutes to complete the course, then time to complete each of the steps on your own.

Once you start implementing the steps, you’ll see a snowball effect: the more steps you complete, the better your search engine rankings and traffic will become!

How long until I see results?

While every website is different, taking proactive SEO measures can actually cause an immediate decrease in rankings and traffic. (Think of it this way: you’ve just made some big changes on your website and Google wants to make sure you’re still “you,” and haven’t been hacked or bought out by a random company.)

In general, after following this checklist, many of the websites I’ve optimized start seeing positive results in under a month. To be safe, however, please expect up to 3 months for Google (and the other search engines) to catch up to your awesomeness.

Any more questions? You can reach me at hello@nickiong.com.