How to Get the Most Out of Your Video On the Web

It’s no secret that video is the next great frontier in your web marketing efforts. Even a simple “talking head” video can do wonders when it comes to improving your web presence on the search engines. 

But even the most powerful video needs the right marketing: it needs to be put in front of your ideal audience on the places they visit online.

Even if your video has the potential to go viral, it doesn’t matter if no one ever sees it.

1. Start with a great video.

For basic tips on creating a video your audience would love, check out this post and this post.

2. Get your videos on the right networks.

For starters, where does your video go? Everywhere. Or, at least, everywhere that makes sense to your audience.

YouTube is going to be first on the list, of course. With YouTube, your video is that much more likely to show up in a Google (or Bing) search result.

Another great option is Vimeo. However, be warned that you can only upload so many videos with a free account.

You’ll also want to upload your video to Facebook. You may want to experiment with uploading directly to Facebook (as videos autoplay) as well as linking over to your YouTube or Vimeo video. Results will vary for different businesses and industries, so experiment!

Additional video networks to try include (but aren’t limited to): FlickrVevo, and Veoh.

3. Optimize, optimize, optimize.

The links in Step #1 talks about the logistics of creating a great video, but this step is critical in order to be found by the search engines.

  • The title of your video should be optimized based on keywords your audience is searching for.
  • Apply the proper categories to your video (if applicable based on the network).
  • Include a text description of your video, which should include a link to your site first, followed by a keyword rich description of the video, and even a written transcript.

Video doesn’t have to be scary; it’s a very successful way to engage your audience. It’s vital to make each piece of content you create go as far as possible.

What are your video success stories?

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