Are you a mindful entrepreneur?

What comes to mind when you think of “mindfulness”?

For most of us, entrepreneurship (or business) and mindfulness don’t always go hand in hand. You might thing of mindfulness as something that aligns better with doing yoga, meditating, or journaling.

The reality is mindfulness is simply the practice of being more aware and conscious in the moment.

I think we could all use a little more mindfulness in our business. And here’s why.

3 Ways Mindfulness Will Help Your Business

1. Be aware of your impact

By being more mindful in your work, you’ll start seeing which tasks and projects are profitable, which ones can be outsourced, and which can be forgotten altogether!

In other words, you’ll start seeing where you can make the biggest impact.

If you can lose or delegate some tasks, you’ll have more time for those tasks only you can do or those tasks that are truly meaningful to you.

2. Be aware of your productivity

One of the other helpful benefits of mindfulness is productivity awareness.

Our modern society assumes that the more we work, the more we accomplish (but the modern productivity studies already disproved that!).

Instead, deeply meaningful and focused work can make you far more productive than trying to have your entrepreneurial hands in too many pots.

3. Be aware of your energy

You’re not going to have the same energy every day – and that’s ok!

It’s often best for your productivity, your mind, and your body to be more mindful of your energy and stop forcing work when it’s not the right time. That may mean switching gears from a creative project to a more technical task (or vice versa). Or, it may mean stopping work for an hour and going outside for a walk instead.

Additionally, a woman’s energy is particularly affected by the moon cycle. It may seem a little woo woo at first, but when you take the moon cycle into account for your work schedule, you might just find you’re far more productive and aligned.

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